Dwayne Johnson Is Making A TV Show About Pro Wrestling, Get The Details

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Dwayne Johnson has become one of the most in-demand actors in showbiz nowadays, proving himself capable of handling comedy and action and everything in between. Capable as he is as an actor, however, it's safe to say that Johnson wouldn't be the star that he is today if he hadn't started his career as the WWE wrestler known as The Rock. His next project on the small screen will be a comedy based in part on his experiences with the WWE, and it could be hilarious.

Fox has secured a put pilot commitment for The Rock's new show, which has yet to receive a title. The series would provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse at a fictional wrestling group, filled with an over-the-top cast of characters whose antics outside of the ring are often crazier and more outlandish than the performances in the ring. Dwayne Johnson and former WWE head writer Brian Gerwitz are on board as executive producers, so there's no worry about the creative team having to grasp for material.

The stories are set to revolve around two main characters. The first is a young wrestler whose charisma and athleticism are enough to push him to stardom early in his career. The second is an excruciatingly awkward former sitcom writer who enters the world of wrestling for a fresh career start. The writer is completely out of place in the middle of a group of larger-than-life alpha males, and he'll need a lot of help if he wants to stay in the game.

The young wrestler is obviously based on Dwayne Johnson's early days as The Rock, and Rocky Maivia before that. He started in professional wrestling at the age of 24 and found himself immersed in a culture of actors and athletes who were as entertaining behind the scenes as they were in front of a crowd. This November is the 20th anniversary of his professional wrestling debut, which he has already celebrated with a hilarious commentary on his first fight that he released on YouTube.

The writer character is based on former WWE head writer Brian Gerwitz, who came to wrestling from a background in Hollywood and found the differences between the two were quite shocking when he started. Gerwitz will bring 15 years of experience with the WWE to the new series. Between Dwayne Johnson and Brian Gerwitz, Fox should have a plethora of plots to present for the comedy should it become a full series.

The project is being designed as a single-camera operation with episodes of one hour each, according to Variety, and it's being handled by Dwayne Johnson's company Seven Bucks Productions as well as Will Ferrell's company Gary Sanchez Productions. Andrew Gurland of FX's Married fame has signed on to pen the pilot.

There's no news of casting yet available. Hopefully we can count on Dwayne Johnson appearing in front of the camera in addition to his work as a producer, even if only for a cameo or two. (If it's on HBO, there's a Ballers crossover just waiting to happen.) We'll have to wait and see. Check out our fall TV schedule to see what you can watch in the meantime.

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