The Hollywood A-Lister Gilmore Girls Didn’t Cast In The Original Series

Everyone's gotta start somewhere. It's phrase we've heard over and over, especially in regards to those trying to break into the business. And while we may know certain celebrities for being A-listers, there was a time when even the most established of actors tried to get their first big gig. During its seven long years on TV, Gilmore Girls had a ton of celebrities who were on the brink of their big break including Nick Offerman, Krysten Ritter, Melissa McCarthy, and Seth Macfarlane. But now it appears that one of Hollywood's leading men was almost on the comedy, before having a less than stellar audition.

Last night was the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest in Connecticut, in which many of the head honchos of the series answered fan questions in order to publicize Netflix's upcoming series Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Eventually some juicy tidbits were revealed, including some crazy bit of casting info. According to TV Line, the show's casting director Jamie Rudofsky revealed "the one that got away". Apparently a young blonde actor was nearly cast, but fell flat during his producer's audition.

He's a little known actor known as Ryan Gosling.

ryan gosling gilmore girls

That's right, Mr. Notebook himself was nearly cast in Gilmore Girls, but botched his audition. He was reportedly set to play a football player in the original series, but "it kind of fell flat" in the room. Unfortunately, the role would go to another actor, although I'm sure that the casting department is kicking themselves for missing out on giving the A-lister his big break.

Now is the fun part: which character was Ryan Gosling auditioning for? There aren't really a ton of football player-ish character in Gilmore Girls, so it might have been something as simple as a Stars Hollow High School guy who was at a party or town event. There was that house party in Season 3, so perhaps he was one of the bros who were struggling to open the keg (Jess saved the day on that one).

And then there is a more controversial choice: maybe Ryan Gosling was auditioning for the role of Tristan. Tristan was a boy at Chilton (played by a pre One Tree Hill Chad Michael Murray) who was in the first few seasons. He and Rory shared some flirtation and even kissed at a Chilton party while she and Dean were broken up. Having Ryan Gosling in this role would have been awesome, although it had the opportunity to destroy the career of Murray in the process.

It's too bad they couldn't bring the A-lister on for a role in A Year in the Life, but nailing down the now extremely famous Melissa McCarthy was problematic enough.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will be released in its entirety November 25th on Netflix.

Corey Chichizola
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