Revivals, reboots and remakes have been extremely trendy on television in recent years. If a show has a lasting audience, there’s a good chance a network or streaming service is at least interested in pursuing new episodes. Not all of those projects ever make it to fruition, honestly, but there are several lucky former TV shows that are making their way back to the small screen, including the WB’s former series Gilmore Girls, which is coming back for a revival or shortened eighth season, depending on how you’d like to think about it. If you’ve been anxiously awaiting any news about the upcoming revival series, have no fear, we’ve compiled a handy guide relating everything we know about the return of Gilmore Girls, including who’s in and who’s out. In addition, we plan to update this puppy as time goes on and more Gilmore Girls secrets are revealed. So, stay tuned, and check out what we know, below.

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When Will It Premiere?
Recently the network revealed that Gilmore Girls would be subtitled A Year In The Life. The show will finally hit the schedule on November 25, 2016 at the usual 12:01 a.m. PT. Filming began on the drama way back in early February on the Warner Bros. lot. Netflix has also revealed a plan to produce more than double the originals it currently has in 2016, which is probably why the revival got off of the ground pretty quickly. You can check out more Netflix premiere dates here.

Prior to the series hitting the schedule, some outlets have posted reviews of the series. Most have been fairly positive, although not overwhelmingly so. If you'd like to check out reviews, head here.

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How Many Episodes Are Fans Getting?
Fans are only getting four brand new episodes of Gilmore Girls, which I know doesn’t sound like the best news ever. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, each of the four episodes will not be your average network TV episode in length. Instead, they’ll each be 90 minutes long, making them closer to two regular episodes of the original series in length. Each of the four episodes will represent one season in a year. Which means there will be a “Winter”, “Spring”, “Summer” and “Fall” episode, currently listed in that order.

The even better news? The creative team initially wanted to air each of these episodes separately; however, Netflix recently revealed that Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Live would be available for binge-watching. Apparently, the company was worried stagnating the episodes might annoy some viewers who were used to the normal model. Netflix
How Did It Come Together?
Some time ago, the interwebs began buzzing that Gilmore Girls could eventually get a revival of sorts. Then, Paleyfest actually got a good chunk of the cast to reunite to talk about fond memories from the time when they were shooting the network TV series. During that panel, showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino said nothing was in the works officially, but other cast members had expressed interest in some sort of onscreen reunion. A few short months later and the rumor mill seemed to indicate Gilmore Girls could come back. Eventually, that led to Netflix’s official Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life announcement. The rest is history.

What Have We Seen So Far?
A full trailer was finally released for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and it certainly harkens back to the original iteration of the show. It also features some interesting cameos and kind-of updates us on everyone's lives. Take a look, below.

Oh, see? It's just awesome and funny and just like the Lorelai and Rory of olden days. I can't wait for this to premiere on November 25. I might just watch it more than once. Lorelei gilmore
The Cast: Lauren Graham’s Lorelei Gilmore
Obviously, there could be no Gilmore Girls without Lorelei Gilmore, played by Lauren Graham. Graham conveniently just ended a run on NBC’s Parenthood last winter. She’s popped up in a few things since then, but her schedule was open enough to allow her to come back for Netflix’s Gilmore Girls.

We currently don’t know much about what to expect from Lorelei during the Gilmore Girls revival, but as the series left things uncertain between herself and Luke, expect that to be addressed. In addition, Lauren Graham has been very open about how emotional returning to the set has been. She even gushed about “The House” being recreated for the drama.

Sidenote: There's almost no chance Paul Anka is around a decade later, right? (Update: In the shocker of the week, Paul Anka will definitely be back.)

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