Spoiler alert for viewers who aren't caught up with The Walking Dead Season 7. Light comic spoilers will also be mentioned.

Following last week's harrowing season premiere, The Walking Dead reverted back to something resembling peacetime for our first sit-down with the newest leader in the post-apocalypse: King Ezekiel. Thanks to a positively splendid performance from actor Khary Payton, Ezekiel has made an immediate impact on this narrative, offering up a completely different kind of showmanship than what the sadistic Negan brings. Let's go a little deeper into this character by looking back at what we know from the Walking Dead comic books.

Ezekiel Is The King Of The Kingdom

King Ezekiel didn't earn his title or his throne through any of the usual methods of a monarchy, but rather by being the driving force behind getting The Kingdom community up and running, using an old school as the central hub. Unlike other locations, The Kingdom is a place where good times aren't reserved for rare occasions, and its citizens have no trouble keeping hope alive, despite everything happening in the outside world. And that's all because of Ezekiel, who is able to understand Negan's tyrannical rule (and later, Rick's no-nonsense approach) without changing up how he does things. At least not in ways that are obvious to anyone else.

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