How To Watch The Walking Dead Season 7 Streaming

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The Walking Dead kicked off with a hard and heavy episode last week, and this week the creative team is promising a bit more of a lighthearted episode---and plenty of fans want to watch. However, not everyone has the luxury of being able to catch the episode live on cable. If you are wanting to stream this week's episode of The Walking Dead, there are a few alternatives out there. Here's the guide for how you can stream episodes of The Walking Dead's seventh season.

If you are looking for a free way to view an episode of The Walking Dead, you can always give Sling TV's free trial a shot. For the premiere, the subscription streaming service actually allowed people to sign up for a short, one-day free trial without a credit card. This week, new subscribers will have to go through the full sign-up, which includes credit card information, but you will get a full seven-day trial for free before you are charged. If you want to continue with the service after the trial, it will cost you $20 a month. If you want to cancel the service after the trial, make sure you do so at the end of the seven days so you can avoid being charged.

Other ways to stream will cost you but are rather cheap in the scheme of things. An easy way to catch the episodes a day after they air is to purchase them (opens in new tab) via Amazon or iTunes. On Amazon, episodes are $2.99 apiece, or $41.99 for a season pass. iTunes, Google Play and more have similarly priced options.

If you are like me and do have a cable package but sometimes need to watch your favorite shows on the go, does allow users to login and catch the episode streaming that way. It can be a bit of a pain and the episodes don't always show up right away; if you've ever watched a network or cable program that way, you probably already know you have to login with your cable service information. The website is offering the final episode of Season 6 along with the Season 7 premiere, no login required, here.

In addition, UK watchers of the series have the ability to access NOW TV. That service has an entertainment pass option that also costs. With that you will be able to watch the episodes live and On Demand after the episode airs.

The Walking Dead is far and away AMC's most lucrative property, and because of this, the channel doesn't make it easy to catch the full season for free. However, there are plenty of ways to stream the drama if it is clearly a priority for you.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights, only on AMC. In addition, if you'd like to check out what else the networks have coming up, check out our fall TV premiere schedule.

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