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Warning: This article contains spoilers for the fall finale of Grey's Anatomy. Please look away now if you still need to catch up.

Well, damn. The fall finale of Grey's Anatomy was not playing around. The show dropped two big cliffhangers on us, and now fans can't wait for the show to come back after the holidays. There was a breakup and a bold act of self-sacrifice, and we might as well get started with the breakup.

I don't know how to say this, so I'm just going to spit it right out, Amelia and Owen might actually not be a couple for much longer. I know! What is happening, right? In just a few short weeks the newly married couple has gone from wedding day to deciding to have children to thinking they were pregnant to realizing that they weren't and then Ameila realizing that maybe she doesn't want to have kids with Owen after all. Damn, guys. That's just too much for a couple of newlyweds to take so soon. And, of course, this is probably why Amelia decided to make sure that Owen would return home to a Dear John letter that asked him not to come looking for her.

Obviously, this is all coming as even more of a shock to poor Owen. He's been through this situation before. He was happily married to Cristina until they realized, way too late, that he wanted a family and she was dead set against it. The devastation of that news led Owen to do something stupid and cheat on Cristina, which led to the end of that marriage. Now, here he is deciding to be a stand up guy and go back to Amelia even though he doesn't know if he can stay with her knowing that she doesn't want kids, only to find that she's bailed on the relationship and didn't even have the guts to tell him in person. Again: damn, guys.

OK, let's move on to the potentially bold act of self-sacrifice, which came to us courtesy of Alex as he faces trial for beating the living hell out of DeLuca in the Season 12 finale after coming to a very mistaken conclusion about him and Jo. With the trial coming up quickly, Jo found out that she'd have to testify, since she was there during the beating. Jo's fear was that, in testifying, her abusive husband would find and come after her, and she'd have to start running from him all over again. But, she resolved to testify, and, in doing so, finally told Alex that she hasn't been able to accept his proposals because she was already married to an abusive man. When Alex found out about Jo's past, he decided to save her from that potential fate, and decided, against Meredith's protests, to take a plea deal that would see him spend two years in prison.

Wow. Well, Grey's Anatomy has certainly given fans some big questions to ponder over the break. Will Owen try to find Amelia? Is Jo going to find out about the plea and try to stop Alex? We've got almost two full months until we'll know; Grey's Anatomy returns to ABC with new episodes on January 19.

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