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For a while there after most viewers had already torn through the first eight episodes of Stranger Things, official news about Season 2 of the Netflix horror drama was harder to find than Will Byers. But recent weeks have been very kind indeed, as casting announcements have been lighting up the night, and the latest is quite intriguing indeed. Brett Gelman, an actor known for showing up in every third comedy on TV, will add more genre-bending sensibilities for the second season of Stranger Things.

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We probably shouldn't expect a ton of bawdy side-splitting comments coming from Brett Gelman's mouth on Stranger Things, as he'll be playing a conspiracy theorist named Murry Bauman. (Not to say that conspiracy theorists don't say the most hilarious things, but you know what I mean.) A former journalist who lost respect in the field, Murray is in the middle of an investigation surrounding a cold case in Hawkins' past, according to Variety.

If there's a big secret thing happening in a small town, of course there's going to be a journalist looking into it, and after everything that happened in Hawkins in Season 1 of Stranger Things, there's no mystery behind why the Indiana town and its quirks will continue to be explored. Plot details about the sophomore season have implied we'll see the surviving characters from the first season coping with everything they went through in an effort to go back to normal. But that doesn't seem very probable with Eleven and the laboratory still in the mix.

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Brett Gelman has been a part of eight different TV shows in 2016 alone, including regular roles on Another Period and Fleabag, as well as other appearances on Blunt Talk, High Maintenance and Love. He has also been known for his work on Adult Swim shows, including his Dinner with Brett Gelman specials. However, the actor recently made headlines for publicly severing ties with Adult Swim, partly because of its support for the show Million Dollar Extreme: World Peace, and partly over allegations the company is overly misogynist in its business practices. Didn't take him long to find something new.

Other recent cast additions for Stranger Things include Lord of the Rings' Sean Astin as a Radio Shack owner and former schoolmate of Joyce and Hopper and Linnea Berthelsen as a woman with a troublesome childhood who arrives in Hawkins due to the weird things going on. And Gelman isn't the only funny guy joining the show, as comedian Paul Reiser was also previously added as someone who ranks highly with the Department of Energy.

Stranger Things Season 1 can be watched in its entirety on Netflix. And while waiting for Stranger Things Season 2 to arrive next year, check out what else 2017 has in store with our Netflix schedule and our overall midseason premiere schedule.

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