Doctor Who Finally Introduces Its Superhero In Intriguing Christmas Special Footage

The patience of Doctor Who fans is about to be rewarded, as Christmas will bring the brand new special, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio." And just as troubling rumors have started to swirl about the show's future, the first extended clip from the episode has been released to the public. Even better is the fact that we get to see the first look at the central superhero in the comic book inspired episode, which you can see below. Prepare for your first encounter with "The Ghost."

As per tradition, this look at this year's Christmas special was released during the annual BBC Children In Need charity special. Our introduction to "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" sees The Doctor snooping around the lab of yet another evil genius. What sets this apart from any other episode of Doctor Who is the fact that it's not The Doctor that saves the good guys at the last moment. That honor goes to "The Ghost" (played by Justin Chatwin), a man who can apparently break glass with snap, and with some seriously sculpted armor.

From the looks of The Ghost's armor, it appears the folks behind the costume design on Doctor Who have been binge-watching all of the DC Comics series from The CW. The slick sheen of the armor and face mask that Chatwin's wearing definitely reflects the look of modern superhero television, as well as his imposing heroic demeanor. However, don't expect the man in the photo below to make the entire episode an overly serious affair, as the trademark Steven Moffat wit has made its way into even his dialogue.

Doctor Who The Ghost

Speaking of that wit, it's nice to hear Peter Capaldi's Doctor getting in some choice insults and smart-assery in this extended look at Doctor Who's Christmas special. For those of you who wondered what The Doctor's thoughts were pertaining to the 2016 presidential election, you may want to skip to marker 00:42 and either laugh or cringe. Whatever your reaction to this clip, the quality of the material within is not only reflective of the series continuing to poke fun at the fads of today, it also makes us even more excited to finally see the episode in action.

"The Return of Doctor Mysterio" brings Doctor Who back to TV screens on BBC and BBC America on Christmas Day,

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