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The subject of cybersecurity has become one of the biggest hot-button issues in the geopolitical arena over the course of the last few years. This topic has its own share of high-profile characters, but arguably no expert on the issue has become more polarizing that Julian Assange. A recluse by circumstance, Assange is an individual who has seldom had the opportunity to make an appearance in the mainstream media -- until now. This evening, Julian Assange will sit down for his first-ever face-to-face cable news interview, and the whole world will be watching.

Julian Assange Interview

A new report from Variety confirms that Fox News anchor Sean Hannity will sit down with Julian Assange in London for the WikiLeaks founder's first one on one televised interview. The topics of discussion will range from the 2016 presidential election, and the implications of potential Russian hacking (and alleged affiliation with WikiLeaks) in the American political process, to the upcoming transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration. Regardless of your own political affiliation, this interview will definitely prove to be a crucial moment in modern political history.

Like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange has established himself as one of the primary faces of cybersecurity in recent years, as his involvement with WikiLeaks has drawn ire and praise in equal measure from both sides of the political aisle. Sean Hannity himself was at one point an incredibly outspoken and ardent opponent of Assange's practices, but he has since softened his views considerably. With that in mind, it is somewhat difficult to gauge how adversarial this high-profile interview will be when it airs this evening.

Julian Assange has become one of the most fascinating and polarizing figures of our time. An Australian computer programmer and journalist, he has been at the forefront of numerous cybersecurity discussions, and he is responsible for several important information "leaks" over the course of the last decade. He has become such a notable figure that Benedict Cumberbatch even portrayed him in Bill Condon's 2013 dramatic thriller, The Fifth Estate. Over the course of the last few years, Assange has remained at the Embassy of Ecuador in London (where the interview with Sean Hannity will take place) in order to avoid extradition over a series of Swedish sexual assault allegations -- the result of which would potentially see him arrested and brought to the United States.

We will bring you any and all relevant details pertaining to Sean Hannity's upcoming sit down with Julian Assange as more specific information becomes available to us. The interview will air tonight at 10 p.m. EST on Fox News. For more information concerning all of the most highly anticipated spring television debuts, make sure to check out our comprehensive midseason premiere guide and fill out your TV viewing schedules accordingly.

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