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We've been talking about Megyn Kelly a lot in recent months. There have been rumors that she was asking for a higher salary at Fox and that she might be leaving for another network, but both Fox News and Megyn Kelly stayed tight-lipped about what was going on for some time. That is, they stayed tight-lipped until today, when it was revealed that Megyn Kelly is in fact leaving Fox News for NBC News. This afternoon, the news anchor came out to explain exactly what she will be doing at the new network and how she feels about leaving Fox News. First, here's how she feels about leaving the news network that made her a household name.

While I will greatly miss my colleagues at Fox, I am delighted to be joining the NBC News family and taking on a new challenge. I remain deeply grateful to Fox News, to Rupert, Lachlan and James Murdoch, and especially to all of the FNC viewers, who have taught me so much about what really matters. More to come soon. Happy New Year, and God bless.

If there's anything that Megyn Kelly has tried to be as an on-air personality, it's classy, and this goodbye to Fox News takes the same tact. In a Facebook message, Megyn Kelly gives gratitude to many of the major news figures who have shaped her career over the years and promises to give us more information when she can. She makes no mention of the possible contract negotiations that may have helped her to shape her decision to leave. Prior reports indicated that Kelly wanted a hefty pay raise up to $20 million, which would have put her on par with the other major male hosts on Fox News. It's hard to tell if NBC News just offered her more money than Fox News, or if perhaps some behind-the-scenes changes at Fox News following the resignation of Roger Ailes may have also prompted the move.

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Either way, she's heading to NBC News, which should be an interesting change of pace, especially considering what Megyn Kelly is planning to do there: daytime TV. Here's more on her new gig:

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Over a dozen years ago I started at Fox News in a job that would change my life. Now, I have decided to end my time at FNC, incredibly enriched for the experiences I've had. I have agreed to join NBC News, where I will be launching a new daytime show Monday through Friday, along with a Sunday evening news magazine program. I will also participate in NBC's breaking news coverage and its political and special events coverage.

The face of NBC News has frequently been Lester Holt in recent years, as he's hosted the weekday version of NBC Nightly News and Dateline NBC. It'll be interesting to see what Megyn Kelly will be able to bring to the table once her tenure at the network starts, although I've gotta say, I never pegged her as a daytime TV person. Considering she was a major reason why Fox News did so well in the ratings over the past few years, I can't wait to see how that turns out.

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