Derek Hough’s Most Embarrassing Dancing With The Stars Moment, According To Derek Hough

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Although Derek Hough recently moved on from Dancing with the Stars for a new project, he's still most well-known for being a professional dancer on the hit ABC series--and a really prominent one at that. However, things weren't always smooth coasting on Dancing with the Stars. In fact, Hough recently revealed his most embarrassing moment on the series, and it certainly wasn't the sharpest move he ever made. Here's what Derek Hough had to say:

Dropping my partner live on television for my first season of Dancing with the Stars. Jennie Garth---dropped her---and I remember The View were all like, 'Can't believe that boy dropped her!'

It's not often that a professional dancer makes a major flub on Dancing with the Stars these days, but in the early run of the hit ABC series, the show was still figuring out formatting and what works for TV and what doesn't. Now a seasoned pro, Derek Hough is 31, but as he notes in his interview with People, the memorable fall came during his first season on the show, when Hough was still quite young. It's no wonder a mistake like that has been burned in his brain ever since---especially considering how popular Dancing with the Stars was at the time and how many people probably caught the moment between Jennie Garth and Derek Hough during primetime.

In fact, considering it was early on in the show's run, Derek Hough may be a little lucky that he was even asked back for another round, although since his partner still got fourth, I guess it wasn't such a disaster. Back in Season 5, Jennie Garth and Derek Hough were doing a quickstep. They got through a good chunk of it unscathed, but then during a particularly interesting move, they just couldn't make it work. If you've never checked out the particular moment before, do give it a watch.

In the years on Dancing with the Stars that followed, Derek Hough won the Mirrorball trophy a record six times and is now using the fame that he earned from the ABC show to help launch a new show on NBC. That show, World of Dance, will have him working with Jennifer Lopez and NE-YO as judges. Not so bad for a guy who once dropped a famous celebrity.

Dancing with the Stars is not always the easiest series to compete in and flubs are bound to happen, but it's nice that Hough can laugh about it a bit years later. We'll let you know when World of Dance gets off the ground. You can find out what is headed to television with our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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