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Family Guy is not a TV show that is synonymous with emotional responses or empathy or anything of that nature, but the long-running hit took a moment during Sunday night's midseason premiere to acknowledge the recent death of Carrie Fisher, who recurred as brewery boss Angela. The episode, titled "Passenger Fatty-Seven," started off with the shot seen below.

carrie fisher family guy

Definitely a classy move by Family Guy to kick off its winter return by addressing Carrie Fisher's death. Sure, it might be on the downer side to start off a ribald comedy with an "in memory" card, but imagine how much less respectful it might have felt when placed in the more traditional spot at the end of the episode, after Lois' sex doll had entered the picture. Not that Fisher herself wouldn't have found it all funny, since the actress' sense of humor was as dark and satirical as they come. (The best example of that.)

We likely won't see Carrie Fisher's actual face on Family Guy in the future, but it's possible a similar visual will accompany the two future episodes that the actress voiced before her death. It's hard to call anything a silver lining when someone's death is involved, but I love that Fisher still has more unseen brilliance left to give her adoring fans - unheard brilliance in this case, I suppose - especially from a series and creator that have always shown love for Fisher. As well as her most iconic role, of course, and Family Guy has the distinction of getting the Leia portrayer to play Mon Mothma for one of its Star Wars specials, which was awesome. Sadly, there will be no more Star Wars episodes, so we know her future episode won't be in that vein. Expect a gross encounter between Angela and Peter, though.

family guy angela peter

It's not clear exactly when Carrie Fisher will reprise Angela, but it'll definitely be in Season 15. We can also look forward to seeing her again on the U.K. comedy Catastrophe, which streams in the States on Amazon, as it appears to be the final thing she filmed for TV before her untimely death. As well, we can all see her and mother Debbie Reynolds' relationship take center stage in HBO's documentary Bright Lights, which premiered on the network this past weekend and features 100% less Quagmire than Family Guy.

Family Guy airs Sunday nights on Fox, though this upcoming weekend will see it move to a special time of 9:30 p.m. ET to make room for an episode of new comedy hit The Mick, which is airing on a special night. (Not coincidentally the same night on which it premiered to great ratings.) Head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what else you can find on the small screen in the near future.

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