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SNL: Watch Felicity Jones Reunite With Rogue One Characters For The Opening

Last night Saturday Night Live returned for its first episode of 2017, which saw Felicity Jones step into the position as host for the night. Coming in hot after the massive success of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, you knew that that the sketch show wouldn't hesitate to make plenty of Star Wars references. The episode certainly didn't disappoint, and came out the gate swinging with Rogue One characters appearing during Jones' opening monologue. Check it out below.

Felicity Jones was in a lot of movies last year, but even co-starring with Tom Hanks can't quite compare to Star Wars. Jones played Jyn Erso in the first Star Wars spin-off Rogue One, and at least one of her fellow Rogue One characters stopped by to wish her luck on her first hosting gig with SNL. You can tell Jones was nervous at the start of the show, failing to have much rhythm in the delivery of her opening jokes, but hopefully the appearance of the wide-eyed and intense Saw Gerrera helped to calm her down.

SNL stalwart Kenan Thompson stepped into the role as the renegade Rebel leader Saw Gerrera, and he was the highlight of the opening. He looked remarkably like the character (originally played by Forest Whitaker), complete with his armor and crazy wig; Thompson completely owned it. Taking a drag from his breathing mask ("What are you breathing from that mask?" "Wouldn't you like to know!"), Gerrera had an important message from an old friend to help Jones with her mission to host the show.

Cue the other big cameo of the night, with Tina Fey playing a Princess Leia-type character (although she's not a princess; she only got that scarf from Ilene Fisher). It only makes sense that an SNL veteran like Fey was brought in to help calm Jones' nerves. Fey assured the Star Wars actress that she couldn't possibly be any worse than Steven Segal, while adding that it was okay to not be the funniest one in the sketch; sometimes you just have to pass the baton to your friend Ray-Ray to handle the jokes. If all else fails, then know that you can count on Leslie Jones acting angry and horny when the writers don't know how to end a sketch.

Saturday Night Live is all new next week with host Aziz Ansari and musical guest Big Sean. SNL airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. EST on NBC.

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