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The Hilarious Way Rob Lowe Blasted DirecTV Over The NFL Playoffs Blackout

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A couple of years ago, DirecTV teamed up with Rob Lowe for a bunch of commercials that made a lot of people upset over both their societal implications and for claims that couldn't be proven true. The satellite giant pulled the plug on those ads over such complaints, ending its relationship with Lowe, who hilariously roasted the company for an NFL playoff game being blacked out due to disputes between DirecTV and the actor's local carrier. In a tweet that has since been removed, Lowe called back to his pitchman days, typo included.

Hi, I'm Rob Lowe. And I'M "Screwed Over" Rob Lowe, with @DIRECTV that cuts off my ability to watch NFL games during the playoffs! @FOXTV.

Blip-blip-blip. Rob Lowe, who took shots at the entirety of modern TV when The Grinder was cancelled, pulled out a laser pistol and destroyed DirecTV with that one. In each of those ads pimping the satellite provider's prices and services, Lowe played a successful version of himself and a more unfortunate version that used cable instead of satellite. One thinks that perhaps the current Code Black star might have wanted to be watching something on cable, or perhaps a streaming-only option, rather than what he was using at the time.

The dispute at the heart of Lowe's problems is between DirecTV and the Missouri-located media conglomerate News-Press & Gazette Company, which owns Fox affiliates in a variety of different markets, including the one in Santa Barbara where the actor lives. These kinds of holdouts happen almost too often these days, as everything gets more expensive without allowing for similar rises in employee compensations, though everything eventually gets worked out.

That wasn't the only thing Rob Lowe had to say, either, as the man clearly wanted to be cheering on the game, or watching it silently, at the very least. According to TheBigLead, he dropped another scathing message that got shared all around Twitter before he pulled it.

Hey @FOXTV and @DIRECTV how many shows and commercials do I need to do for you to be able to watch football that I've already paid for?

We shouldn't have to worry about Rob Lowe tweeting his angst if something similar happens in the future, as a later undeleted tweet reflected on him having second thoughts about his earlier statements, though not without a retained bit of snark.

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The NFL currently has one more week of playoffs, which includes both conference championship games, before the Super Bowl takes over everyone's TVs. We bet Rob Lowe will be watching, assuming he can. In the meantime, head to our midseason premiere schedule to see everything coming to the small screen in the near future.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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