Watching new shows at the beginning of every TV season can be a risky business. Some of us just don't want to emotionally invest in a show when there's a chance it'll be cancelled sooner rather than later, and even the critical darlings have uncertain futures if the ratings aren't spectacular. Some shows have already gotten the axe this year, and others' futures are still entirely uncertain. Luckily, there are several excellent TV series that are guaranteed to return for one more season. Take a look at our breakdown of new shows you can catch up on with no fear that they'll be cancelled before Season 2 happens.

speechless abc

Speechless, ABC

One of ABC's biggest critical hits of Fall 2016 was new sitcom Speechless, which follows the DiMeo family as they settle into a new neighborhood boasting a school system that would be a good fit for oldest son J.J., a high schooler with cerebral palsy who "speaks" with the assistance of a wheelchair device. Speechless ran the risk of either poking fun as the disabled community or becoming overly preachy, but the show has been hilarious and balanced from the very beginning. ABC gave Speechless the order for a full season of 22 episodes shortly after its premiere, and the network will almost definitely bring it back for a Season 2.

Status: Currently airing Season 1

cbs bull

Bull, CBS

The CBS lineup went through a big change during the 2015-2016 TV season when Michael Weatherly left NCIS after more than a decade as Agent Tony DiNozzo. Luckily for fans, he was back on CBS in the fall as the star of Bull, where he plays the bespectacled Dr. Jason Bull, who works with a team of trial consultants that use everything from visual cues to technology to control the outcome of any courtroom battle. The dramedy debuted to huge ratings, and CBS didn't waste any time ordering a full season of Bull. As one of the most-watched new shows of 2016-2017, it's safe to say that Bull will be back for more, despite its low demographic rating.

Status: Currently airing Season 1

westworld hbo

Westworld, HBO

Westworld was one of the most highly-anticipated shows to hit the airwaves in Fall 2016 after spending years stalled at HBO, and it didn't disappoint when it finally premiered. The sci-fi western was as confounding as it was compelling throughout Season 1, with gorgeous visuals, stellar performances, and a premise unlike anything else on television. The show is set in the fictional theme park called "Westworld," which is filled with android hosts who allow guests to do just about anything they want as long as they're willing to pay, literally and figuratively. Westworld earned a lot of buzz and garnered awards attention, and it has the potential to entice HBO viewers for a long time.

Status: Season 1 concluded, already renewed for Season 2

designated survivor abc

Designated Survivor, ABC

Another show that got off to a strong start in Fall 2016 was ABC's Designated Survivor, which brought Kiefer Sutherland back to a major network in a leading role. The show follows a minor Cabinet member who becomes President of the United States after an attack on the Capitol resulted in the deaths of everybody who outranked him in the government. Part action-thriller and part political drama, Designated Survivor has been a solid showcase for Sutherland, and though live ratings have dropped off since the series premiered, it performs well when DVR ratings are taken into account, so should be back for another season.

Status: Currently airing Season 1

fx atlanta

Atlanta, FX

One of the most unexpected hits of the 2016-2017 season so far was FX's Atlanta. Former Community actor Donald Glover created, wrote, directed, and starred in the surreal comedy, and the first ten episodes made an impression on viewers and critics everywhere. Glover plays Earn, who joins his cousin Alfred and his second banana Darius to try and navigate the Atlanta rap scene, and Atlanta earned itself a big night at its first Golden Globes, winning both Outstanding Comedy and Best Actor in a Comedy. Atlanta has been a stunning success from the mind of a man with feet in both the comedy and rap worlds, and it has the potential to get even funnier in the long run.

Status: Season 1 concluded, already renewed for Season 2

nbc this is us

This Is Us, NBC

This Is Us was already generating huge numbers before it even premiered on NBC. The trailer was viewed more than 50 million - yes, million - times in its first week online, and it scored massive ratings once folks were finally able to watch a full episode. The series follows a family in various periods of their lives dealing with challenges and difficulties on the way. The premise, combined with the emotional highs and lows has meant that millions have been hooked ever since the This Is Us hit the airwaves. It even scored three Golden Globe nominations despite the fact that it was still in the middle of airing its first season, and we can expect more of that in later years.

Status: Currently airing Season 1, already renewed for Seasons 2 and 3

hbo divorce

Divorce, HBO

Sarah Jessica Parker made her big return to HBO in Fall 2016 with new series Divorce, in which she stars as a woman who comes to the realization that she doesn't really like her husband anymore, and it turns out that the feeling is mutual. The characters and their various relationships created a show that is very watchable, although not always quite as funny as it could have been. The show does prove that Sarah Jessica Parker still has what it takes to anchor a show on HBO, and while Divorce may not be destined to become the next Sex and the City, it has the potential to remain a winner in years to come.

Status: Season 1 concluded, already renewed for Season 2

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