Watching new shows at the beginning of every TV season can be a risky business. Some of us just don't want to emotionally invest in a show when there's a chance it'll be cancelled sooner rather than later, and even the critical darlings have uncertain futures if the ratings aren't spectacular. Some shows have already gotten the axe this year, and others' futures are still entirely uncertain. Luckily, there are several excellent TV series that are guaranteed to return for one more season. Take a look at our breakdown of new shows you can catch up on with no fear that they'll be cancelled before Season 2 happens.

Speechless, ABC

One of ABC's biggest critical hits of Fall 2016 was new sitcom Speechless, which follows the DiMeo family as they settle into a new neighborhood boasting a school system that would be a good fit for oldest son J.J., a high schooler with cerebral palsy who "speaks" with the assistance of a wheelchair device. Speechless ran the risk of either poking fun as the disabled community or becoming overly preachy, but the show has been hilarious and balanced from the very beginning. ABC gave Speechless the order for a full season of 22 episodes shortly after its premiere, and the network will almost definitely bring it back for a Season 2.

Status: Currently airing Season 1

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