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This week was an exciting one for fans of Grey's Anatomy. Because after months of the show's long hiatus, ABC's medical drama returned this Thursday with a capsule episode starring Arizona, Jo, and Bailey. While the episode itself was great, many fans were disappointed to see that no resolution to the midseason finale's cliffhanger was given. We still don't know if Alex actually turned himself into the D.A., and is therefore in prison. And while Alex's legal and professional problems have been a major focus of Season 13, how each surgeon feels about the situation is still a bit unclear. Case in point: Arizona.

Actress Jessica Capshaw has played the always perky Arizona Robbins on Grey's Anatomy since back in Season 5. When EW asked how her character feels about Alex's possible prison sentence, she revealed the following:

Since the very beginning, when Arizona came back [from New York] and was away when the shit the fan, her coming back and trying to understand how this even happened, and if she had to pick a side, which side would that be and what to do about it, it's been obviously played off-camera. But the idea that Alex would turn himself in and face what she knows he'd be facing is devastating for her.

It shouldn't be a major surprise, but it turns out that Arizona is siding with Meredith on this one. She doesn't want to see her friend and protegee in prison, especially after training him in pediatric surgery for so many years.

Jessica Capshaw's statement only makes the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy more frustrating. Because rather than giving us answers regarding the cliffhanger, the showrunners and writers completely side stepped the plot point. Instead, we were given a capsule episode set on the same evening as the midseason finale. Rather than being a character driven winter premiere, almost all of the episode focused on the inmate the trio of doctors were treating, as well as the staff within the prison.

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Thursday's midseason premiere also ended on a strange note, with Bailey revealing that Alex was heading to the D.A.'s office that evening. While this was a revelation for Arizona and Jo (with Jo promptly getting sick on the side of the road), the audience was already privy to this information. So essentially the entire episode was building up to a "twist" which wasn't a surprise at all. It was a strange choice for Grey's, and made an otherwise remarkable episode feel stale and annoying.

Hopefully next week's episode will finally give us some answers. While there is no synopsis released for the episode, "Jukebox Hero" will be a return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and the larger cast. So we'll just have to wait another week to find out whether or not our buddy Alex is in prison.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC.