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Spoilers from Season 3 of Outlander can be found throughout this article, many of which are from the books. If you want to go in with a fresh perspective, head out now!

Outlander has been in production for quite a while, which means Season 3 is finally well on its way. Outlander is also a show that is usually unable to keep away from spoilers, as it is a show that is lovingly crafted around a series of books written by Diana Gabaldon. Although we may know a bit about what is coming, we don't often hear about the upcoming episodes from the cast or creative team, which is why a recent interview from Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe is so engaging. An enterprising fan asked the duo what it was like to reunite after 20 years, a plot we had anticipated but is now confirmed. Sam Heughan had the following to say about the big reunion scene:

It's kind of a surprise for Jamie. Obviously within a day of her returning, all hell breaks loose. His world is turned upside down, just like every time Claire is involved. I think the printshop obviously is going to be hopefully everything that we wanted it to be. But I think in the episodes before, there's so much that goes on; it's going to be a very exciting Season 3.

There are several things that are interesting with Sam Heughan's comments, which were made during a recent FB Live session. When we last left Outlander, Claire had come to the realization that Jamie had not, in fact, died during the Battle of Culloden and there was a chance she could see him again. However, according to Heughan's comments, we won't be getting that reunion right away. This squares with Voyager, the third book in the series, which catches up with Jamie post-Culloden before Claire eventually returns to her lover's time. Outlander has shifted things around from the books before, but the note about "episodes before" indicates we won't be seeing a reunion in the very first episode.

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In addition, any fan who has keenly been following the third season's development may have already seen sets that have looked like the famous (first) print shop in the books, but the fact that Sam Heughan is saying that all hell will break loose seems to indicate that their reunion in the books will be adhered to at least fairly closely. If you know anything of the print shop scene, you should know Jamie will have an---ahem---complicated life by the time that Claire returns to him. Again, we're getting into spoiler territory here, but let's just say there are men wanting to kill Jamie and danger abounds. However, so does adventure.

We already know that Outlander has cast some big name characters from the books in Season 3. Lord John Grey will be making his first appearance, as will Young Ian, Mr. Willoughby and more. Characters from the show's past will also make a return. Voyager is a fan-favorite book, and it's likely that Season 3 could be the best season of Outlander yet.

We'll let you know as soon as Starz gives the series an official premiere date. In the meantime, take a look at what is headed to TV with our midseason TV premiere schedule or check out what else we've learned about Season 3 with our what we know guide.

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