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Game of Thrones is not a show for the faint of heart. Good guys and bad guys alike die on a regular basis, and often in the most gruesome and/or heartbreaking ways imaginable. That said, we're six seasons in at this point, and many of us have learned to expect the character list to be culled every now and then. Now fans have weighed in on who they think will be the first to bite the dust in Season 7, and the unlucky character is none other than Theon Greyjoy.

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Of the 10,000 Game of Thrones fans polled for their thoughts on Season 7, 14.22% ranked Theon Greyjoy as the main character most likely to die in Season 7. He was followed by Melisandre with 8.08% and Davos Seaworth with 7.23%. The three characters deemed least likely to die in Season 7 are Bran Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, and Jon Snow. If fans are correct, Theon won't be around to see who finally ends up on the Iron Throne.

Alfie Allen has already teased a few things about his character's path in Season 7, so we know that Theon won't die immediately. That said, there are still plenty of people who would be more than willing to kill him, and the poor guy probably wouldn't even protest all that much. Sure, Theon has done some pretty despicable things in his time, but I'd say that castration and torture at the hands of Ramsay Bolton taught him his lesson. Now that the Boltons have been broken and the future of the Iron Islands seems to be in his sister's hands, there may not be much more for Theon to do other than die.

Interestingly, fans don't seem to think that Arya will be the person to kill Theon. The poll courtesy of also asked which character will be the first to feel Arya's wrath in Season 7, and the winner was Thoros of Myr, with Beric Dondarrion and Melisandre as runners up. When it comes to the method of death for the first Season 7 victim, most fans believe that a White Walker will claim a life right off the bat. Death by sword/axe is deemed second most likely, with arrow/crossbow bolt coming in third.

Unfortunately, we have a while to wait until Season 7 premieres in all its gory glory. Filming for the seventh season was delayed so that the production team could take advantage of colder weather for winter in Westeros, and the show won't be back on the airwaves summer. Take a look at our breakdown of what we know so far about Game of Thrones Season 7 for a peek ahead, and don't forget to check out our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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