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We live in a world where television is getting easier and easier to access. For the past several years, the Super Bowl has aired live on network television but has also been available streaming for fans that prefer that medium of TV. The same was true for Super Bowl LI on Sunday night. However, fans dealt with a huge snafu when Fox's feed cut out during Quarter 4 of the big game. In this game in particular, that was honestly the worst quarter the feed could have cut out.

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Like all good things that go viral, when the feed started cutting out, people took to Twitter to complain or make pithy comments about what was going on with the feed. To be fair, staring at the Fox Sports logo instead of the actual game can get pretty, pretty frustrating, as this one sports fan found...

Other people didn't let the lack of football get them down, switching to another activity or simply making amusing comments about the issue on the Internet. It is tweets like those that I typically enjoy the most.

Of course, some users are smarter than the average bear, and simply switched to the Spanish feed when the regular Fox Sports feed cut out. Bravo!

As it is generally a nightmare when any live stream cuts out, Fox Sports was on the problem in a jiffy. The network responded to all of the loud, amusing and otherwise over-the-top tweets shortly after issues were noted, saying they were fixed. Regardless, some users still had trouble even when following these succinct directions:

We're aware of the streaming issue, and it's been resolved. Please close and reopen the stream to get back to the game.

Although the early part of Super Bowl LI was pretty much a blowout in favor of the Atlanta Falcons, the latter half of the game ended up picking up the pace, with some of the best catches I've ever honestly seen in a football game. When the Patriot's came back to win it in the fourth quarter, it was a huge deal and it would have been really frustrating to lose the feed at any point, but especially toward the end of the game when the game was actually finally getting excited. Here's to hoping the Super Bowl ends up having fewer streaming problems next year and maybe more awesome stuff like Lady Gaga jumping off of the retracted roof. More of that, please.

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