Why One NCIS: New Orleans Character Is Probably In For Some Rough Episodes

NCIS: New Orleans is the youngest series in the NCIS franchise on CBS, and it has packed plenty of character action into its first three seasons. Forensic scientist Sebastian Lund has had a particularly interesting journey as a character in transition, and he's soon to face some of his biggest challenges yet. Sebastian is finally becoming an official agent of the New Orleans branch of NCIS. As it turns out, however, the promotion won't necessarily be cause for celebration right off the bat. Actor Rob Kerkovich has revealed what's in store for Sebastian in the near future, saying this:

In the coming episodes, Sebastian is going to get his ass handed to him. I'd rather have that than him immediately show up and start doing kung fu. It doesn't make sense.

Given that Sebastian Lund has never exactly been the smoothest or most debonair character to work at NCIS, I'd agree with Rob Kerkovich that it wouldn't make sense for Sebastian to start his tenure as agent by kicking ass and taking names. In fact, part of what has made Sebastian endearing to fans over the years is how relatable he can be. Sure, few of us may be able to make the forensic leaps to help save the day the way that Sebastian can, but he often feels more human than the field agents who have been in the thick of the action from the very beginning. His transition into the role of a field agent should be fun for longtime viewers.

Sebastian has put in the work to earn his status as a real NCIS agent, so it would probably feel like we were missing out if we didn't get to see him take each step toward settling into his new role. We've followed his journey this far; we deserve to see how he handles the next stage. Fortunately, it sounds like NCIS: New Orleans is going to show us just how he deals with his new reality. Rob Kerkovich went on in his chat with TVGuide.com to tease this:

He hears some stuff Pride says that makes him doubt his decision. [Sebastian] gets a little catty with him. A lot goes down.

It should interesting to see how Sebastian hears about Pride's doubts regarding his role as an agent. If he finds out because of a frank conversation with his boss, viewers might have a hard time sympathizing with the new agent mouthing off at his boss. If he overhears Pride discussing his doubts about Sebastian's position to others... well, I'd probably get catty too. We'll have to wait and see how NCIS: New Orleans handles the conflict in his early days as an agent.

Luckily, we don't have to wait too much longer. Sebastian's first episode as an official NCIS agent debuts tonight at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. Be sure to tune in to see how the show handles Sebastian in his new role moving forward, and don't forget to check out our midseason TV premiere schedule.

Laura Hurley
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