CBS has been around as a TV network for almost 75 years – which is only slightly longer than CSI’s lifespan – and in that time it has offered up more quality TV shows than most people can watch in a lifetime. But not all of those shows were allowed to stick around as long as, for instance, The Mary Tyler Moore Show or How I Met Your Mother, and some were jettisoned off into the ethers far too early.

Here are 10 shows that CBS canceled too early in decisions that should still be haunting the network to this day. We’ve already done this kind of thing with NBC and Fox, and now it’s time to target our sights on the Eye.

the flash
The Flash
Sure, we’re living in a time now when The CW is giving viewers a superhero smorgasbord, but back in 1990, there wasn’t much to choose from. Enter the chiseled face of John Wesley Shipp as Barry “The Flash” Allen, and people were quick to flock to the Scarlett Speedster. Just not enough people, apparently. Initially pit against the mega-popular The Cosby Show, The Flash almost immediately got its timeslot changed, and it was later put on a completely different night of the week. Weeks between new episodes didn’t exactly help, either, and The Flash was sent to an early grave after just 22 episodes. Thankfully, both Shipp and Mark Hamill made the jaunt to the modern version of the show, which has already lasted longer than its predecessor.

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