Spoilers below for anyone who hasn't read The Walking Dead comics and doesn't want to know where the story is going, though the larger details surrounding these moments have been left out.

Cable shows that make it to their seventh seasons are usually limping out or are running on fumes, but The Walking Dead is currently telling one of its most vicious storylines, with expansive world-building coming in the past eight episodes. And because franchise creator Robert Kirkman has kept the comic books flowing as consistently as the blood from Spencer's belly buster, there are still tons of mega-moments and intense situations left to come in however many years the TV series has left.

As such, we've rounded up 12 upcoming beats from The Walking Dead's comic books that the TV show definitely needs to use in some way, even if there's some remixing by way of which characters get which moments. This first entry, however, would be pretty impossible to apply to any bipedal survivors.

Shiva In Battle

I don't want to sound greedy when it comes to a magnificent creature such as Shiva, but now that we've seen her skulking around The Kingdom a few times without immediately sinking her big jaws onto an enemy's arm or torso (or leg or head or whatever), it feels like it's time for something more. As the principle of Chekov's Post-Apocalyptic Tiger states, if we meet a terrifying feline, then that terrifying feline is going to get used for something memorable, and the comics have just such a moment in store for Shiva and her owner Ezekiel.

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