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Fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine never got movies to help continue the series like fans of original Trek or The Next Generation did, but, now, they can get a glimpse at how the story would have continued for everyone's favorite space station residents. The makers of a new DS9 documentary actually reassembled the old writer's room to have them come up with a theoretical episode for what would have been the show's eighth season. All they need now is some help in getting the film completed, and we'll all be treated to a brief continuation of the adventures of Captain Sisko, Kira, Odo, Worf and the rest of the team.

The documentary, What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek Deep Space Nine, is being produced, in part, by Ira Steven Behr, who worked as the showrunner on DS9 from 1995-1999. According to The Hollywood Reporter, as part of the documentary, which will also include interviews with cast and crew members, he brought together DS9 writers Ronald D. Moore, Rene Echevarria and Hans Beimler to craft a story that could take the original characters into Season 8 with the creation of a first episode for that season. His goal was to make sure that the documentary wasn't just filled with the typical talking heads, and that the film would give fans something they've never seen from another Trek documentary before. Everyone was told to prep before hand by either watching the last episode of Season 7, or reading the Wikipedia entry for the episode.

Unlike the other Trek series, DS9 focused on those living aboard a space station, as opposed to a starship, that was manned by mostly Starfleet crew. The show was known for being a bit darker than other Trek series and having a focus on serialized storytelling, religion, interpersonal conflicts between the crew and morally ambiguous characters. DS9 ended after seven seasons, with the crew splitting up after finally helping to win the war against the Dominion, and Captain Sisko leaving his part of the galaxy to join the Prophets in the Celestial Temple after fulfilling his destiny.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what would have been next for the characters of DS9. Sisko appeared to his pregnant second wife Kasidy and told her that he would return to her at some point, so, the first episode of Season 8 better see him coming back to her without too much time passing. Odo joined the Founders to help heal them and teach them to trust solid life forms, but there really is no DS9 without Odo, so it's a solid bet that he'd be back on board somehow, too. All in all, I bet the writers found a reasonable way to get everyone that fans love from the show back together in some way for Season 8.

If you want to hear what Ira Steven Behr and the rest of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine writers have in store for the show's beloved characters, you can help them complete the documentary by heading to the film's Indiegogo page.

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