Will Arrow Bring Back Suicide Squad Characters? Here's What David Ramsey Says

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Arrow has spent five seasons adding more and more members to Oliver Queen's Team Arrow, and that team would never be what it is today without John Diggle signing on as Oliver's partner way back in early Season 1. Digg has been one of the most pivotal characters of the series to date, and fans have him to thank for the introduction of the Suicide Squad on the small screen. Unfortunately, the Suicide Squad has been absent from Star City for a while now. David Ramsey recently spoke with CinemaBlend about all things John Diggle, and he told me this about Digg's future with the Suicide Squad on Arrow:

I can say that we have all the elements. Part of what John Diggle brings to the team is his relationship with ARGUS through his wife Lyla. We're waiting to see how that plays itself out. Diggle was freed last week, and Oliver said to him 'You can go home and hug your wife and son.' So that's a real viable part of Diggle that we have always seen on camera, but it would be nice to see more because he's married to the leader of the Suicide Squad. What does that play out? How does that look? What are those conversations like? We have all the elements of it... I think we have the makings of it. ARGUS is a real viable part of our whole universe, of Legends, Flash, and Arrow. And Diggle just so happens to be married to the leader of ARGUS, so it's right there ready for the picking.

The Suicide Squad all but vanished from Arrow once the Suicide Squad film went into production to bring big screen versions of characters like Deadshot and Harley Quinn to life. Arrow had proved that there was an audience for a Suicide Squad adaptation, then gave up the characters for the movie. Even director Amanda Waller was killed back in Season 4. Still, as long as there are criminals in The CW's DC Universe, and as long as John Diggle has his connection to ARGUS, the Suicide Squad may make a comeback. As David Ramsey said, the elements are all there for a Suicide Squad 2.0 to get together.

Now that The CW's DC Universe is comprised of so many more shows than just Arrow, we may someday see a Suicide Squad filled with baddies from all three shows set on Earth-1. Diggle and Lyla have already traipsed over to Central City to deal with a rogue man-shark, and ARGUS played an important part in the ginormous "Heroes v. Aliens" crossover last fall. If Arrow can construct a team filled with villains who don't have a film counterpart, a new version of the Suicide Squad could conceivably stick around. We might not get Deadshot, but there are definitely some big DC Comics bad guys that haven't yet been claimed by any of the movies.

Besides, Diggle and Lyla have become the most badass married couple in The CW's DC Universe, and it stands to reason that the duo with the house rule of "No Glocks on the dinner table" would find themselves back in charge of a unit of bad guys fighting for the greater good. Honestly, even if we don't get a Suicide Squad-centric episode any time soon, I'd settle for a web series all about Digg and Lyla's home life. When not chatting about their adorable toddler son, they can trade ideas about their clandestine operations and work out a lineup for any future Suicide Squads.

Tune in to The CW on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET to see what's next for Diggle and Co. on Arrow. At least one former member of the Suicide Squad will be back on the show sooner rather than later, and we can cross our fingers that Arrow finds a way to somehow incorporate Deadshot once more. Don't forget to take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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