The Upcoming NCIS And NCIS: New Orleans Crossover Will Reveal One Character's Backstory

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Crossover episodes between two shows have been around for a long time, but recently they've become popular ways for networks to encourage viewers to watch live. Even the older-skewing CBS has not been immune to the phenomenon, and we recently learned that NCIS will be crossing over with the newer series NCIS: New Orleans on Valentine's Day. One big way the CBS shows are amping up this crossover is by giving us a little more back story on New Orleans character Tammy Gregario, who joined the Big Easy-based drama earlier this season.

Per a new report over at TV Guide, a big part of the crossover episode will see Tammy Gregorio bond or at least chat with NCIS character Nick Torres, who also joined NCIS earlier this season. Co-executive producer Chris Silber says that big pro of the crossover is getting to see how the characters play off one another, and although there will be tension between Gregorio and Torres, the episode will also lead to some fruitful conversations about trust. That "trust" talk when then presumably lead Tammy Gregorio to reveal more about her ex-husband. The producer says we will finally learn why she had to flee New Orleans and escape her ex.

Luckily, the entire episode won't be all about character backstories. There's an actual case of the week to solve, after all. If you'd like to learn more, keep reading.

The addition of new characters often breathes a little life into shows like NCIS or even NCIS: New Orleans, which has already had several seasons to explore its characters. When new people enter the fray, we never know exactly how they will interact with the rest of the cast. In addition, we still have plenty to learn about the newbie characters, and it should be interesting that the production teams have chosen the crossover to explore more about at least one character's past.

All in all, crossovers are made to shake up dynamics quite a bit. They are also a great opportunity for fans of one show to check out the other, so if you haven't been enticed by the original NCIS or New Orleans so far, you should really tune in to check both of them out. The episode should be pretty intense, as it will feature a "theoretical terror playbook" that is located in New Orleans. The episode will be a NCIS: New Orleans episode featuring a couple of characters from the original show.

The crossover in question airs tonight on CBS at 10 p.m. ET. To take a look at what else the network has coming up, take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule to check out all new and returning shows.

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