We're currently in the mist of pilot season, so it seems like the world of TV is in a transitional period. New projects are being workshopped, and actors are signing up for new roles, hopeful that their pilot will get up as a series. This includes Glee actress Lea Michele, who has spent the last two seasons in Ryan Murphy's campy horror comedy Scream Queens. She's got a new pilot in the works, which is sure to disappoint those fans who love Hester on the FOX series.

Lea Michele is reportedly starring in ABC's untitled city mayor comedy pilot. The project, which was created by Tony Award winning Hamilton star Daveed Diggs, revolves around a rapper who runs for public office in order to make headlines and extra publicity. But hilarity ensues when he actually gets elected, and genuinely enjoys the job assigned to him.

lea michele wearing an eye patch in Season 1's finale

It's currently unclear what role Lea Michele will play, as they're reportedly doing rewrites to better feature the singer/actress. THR reports that the part was originally the protagonist's chief of staff, although it's currently still up in the air. The pilot will star Search Party actor Brandon Micheal Hall. Smart money would also put Daveed Diggs in the cast as well, considering how many fans are obsessed with his dual role as Thomas Jefferson/Lafayette in Hamilton. Diggs can also be seen in Baz Luhrmann's Netflix series The Get Down.

Lea Michele's role in the ABC pilot marks the ending of her tenure on Scream Queens. Ryan Murphy reportedly released Michele from her contract as Hester in the comedy. So while it's unclear if Scream Queens will be renewed for a third season, it won't feature Lea Michele regardless.

Lea Michele's departure from Scream Queens is actually a welcomed change for the series. Because while Michele was a scene stealer in the first season, her inclusion in Season 2 felt a bit forced and out of place. The Season 1 finale revealed that Hester was one of the Red Devil killers, confirmed our suspicion that she was batshit crazy the whole time.

But Season 2 dropped the original anthology series concept, and brought over the same characters from Season 1. Suddenly, Hester needed to somehow get to the CURE Institute in order to interact with the other characters, despite being a Hannibal Lector type prisoner for her crimes. While Scream Queens abandons logic for silliness (that's why we love it), Lea Michele's inclusion in Season 2 never really worked the way it did in the first season.

Out of all of Ryan Murphy's current projects (and there are plenty), Scream Queens is the only one that seems directionless. It's unclear if Season 3 will be produced at all, and what could be next for the story. Perhaps Murphy will finally go the anthology route, allowing the Chanels and company to fade away and make room for a new story.

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