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Casey Wilson was "amahzing," as Penny Hartz on ABC's Happy Endings, and her comedic acting and style have scored her several roles on television since. Now, the actress will find herself on a potential network comedy yet again in a co-lead role alongside Cougar Town actress Busy Phillips. Together the two will play estranged sisters in an NBC pilot produced by Tina Fey and a 30 Rock veteran called The Sackett Sisters.

In The Sackett Sisters, Casey Wilson will play Sutton Sackett. Sutton Sackett is described as a woman who is absolutely thrilled to have a boring life, but only because the rest of her family is an absolute trainwreck. Mandy Sackett (Busy Phillips) is set to play her dysfunctional sister who would, for all intents and purposes, be considered "normal," in terms of the typical Sackett dynamic. The two sisters, who aren't too close, will suddenly be thrust together after an act of heroics puts them in the spotlight. TV Line says the NBC pilot is being produced by Tina Fey and is written by 30 Rock veteran writer Luke Del Tredici.

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While Tina Fey is not writing the series, it still sounds like something right out of her notebook. In fact, it seems like Casey Wilson's Sutton and Phillips' Mandy could have a vibe that's somewhere between the film Sisters and the Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. That's not a bad thing, as Wilson's comedy and acting on shows like Happy Endings would mesh right in with either of those products. I'm guessing that's probably what casting directors were thinking when they put her in The Sackett Sisters.

Obviously, a pilot does not guarantee a full series order, but one and done has not been something Casey Wilson has had to deal with a lot as of late. Although the actress has put in plenty of one-off guest stints over the past few years, she's actually had decent luck with comedy series. Happy Endings was a winner, and Marry Me and the Hotwives series have both been longer-running roles.

So what's up with Casey Wilson after filming The Sackett Sisters? The actress is set to appear in James Franco's The Disaster Artist and will also appear in a short Don't Mess With Julie Whitfield. Hopefully, we see something come out of The Sackett Sisters and won't have to hop around to so many shows to keep up with Wilson going forward! Rest assured you'll be the first to know if we learn of any more developments over at NBC with The Sackett Sisters. Until then, let's live in the now and hop over to the midseason premiere guide and get a look at what's on the menu for March!

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