The Mindy Project Isn't Cancelled After All, Here's What's Happening

A lot of comedies and dramas headed into early graves over the last couple of weeks, but today we have great news regarding one of them. Just a little over a week after Fox announced the network had sadly cancelled Mindy Kaling’s comedy vehicle The Mindy Project, Hulu has come to the rescue, signing on for a ton of new episodes of the show.

This morning the subscription streaming company announced that not only will fans get more Mindy Project originals, they’ll get an awful lot of them. The new Hulu deal will see the streaming company sign on for a whopping 26 episodes during Season 4. As part of the new deal, fans will also get to stream past and future episodes of The Mindy Project exclusively on Hulu, which makes sense as NBC Universal, which owns The Mindy Project, had already struck a deal to make Hulu the exclusive home for past episodes of the comedy.

When The Mindy Project was cancelled by Fox, we learned that Hulu did have the potential to pick up the comedy, which follows OB-GYN Mindy Lahiri in the workplace as well as in her personal life. At the time, Hulu seemed to be looking into a two-season pickup for The Mindy Project, but now it looks as if that has gone by the wayside in favor of a super huge Season 4 order.

Details on the new episodes are scarce at this point, obviously, as the show was just cancelled a few days ago and the pickup at Hulu is a brand new concept. However, Hulu’s announcement indicates that the major players will be returning for Season 4, including Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina, Ed Weeks, Ike Barinholtz, Beth Grant and Xosha Roquemor. A premiere date is expected to be announced down the road.

The Mindy Project should be an ideal pickup for Hulu. The comedy series already has a built-in niche fanbase, and while fewer and fewer people were tuning in to watch the show live on Fox during Season 3, it’s reasonable to believe the comedy will still prove lucrative for Hulu. Binge-watching is a great incentive, and The Mindy Project is the perfect sort of show to induce the TV languor caused by bingewatching.

The Mindy Project isn’t the only 2014-2015 show to get the axe over the last couple of weeks. Shows of all ages were also culled from various networks, including the freshman series Forever, the Season 4 drama Revenge and veteran series CSI, which is getting the proper sendoff. You can check out the full list of cancellations and renewals, here or take a look at what Fox has coming up in the fall to replace The Mindy Project and others.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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