Watch ESPN's Jay Williams Accidentally Draw Stick Figures Having Sex On Live TV

Some games require players to be mental giants, such as Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy!, while others are more tied to luck and the roll of the dice. And then there's Pictionary, which combines both skill and luck to give its would-be artists a challenge, and the visually ungifted contestant we're looking at today is former NBA player and current basketball analyst Jay Williams. Just check out the particularly problematic time Williams has with his clue for a Pictionary match during ESPN's NCAA tournament coverage. (Hint: the answer is not "stick figures doing it.")

So what do you think was going on there in the clip? Not as far as what was happening in his head, since that's a horsey of a different color, but what do you think he was actually trying to draw? That first stick figure appears to be ready to push someone, or is at least heading in one direction. All kinds of guesses to make here. "Somebody running a marathon!" "The running man dance!" But things get a little more complicated - read: a lot more complicated - once a second stick figure enters the picture.

And speaking of entering, Mr. Stick #2 most certainly did not sign up for this display, as Jay Williams immediately follows up on his upright figure with one bent over directly in front of the other one. It's not necessarily suspect, though, as this could easily still encourage people to guess things like "Two people getting set up for a wheelbarrow race," or "leapfrog in the first stages." Not likely to be guesses, but still possibly more understandable than the lewd alternative.

jay williams pictionary stick figures sex

But it's when he immediately reaches up and erases the second figure that everything becomes a lot more suspicious. I mean, if we're all being completely clean-headed and sports-minded, which is the kind of thing ESPN would inspire, that drawing could have easily been a football quarterback standing behind a center getting ready to hike the ball. But instead...we're left to think that Jay Williams has an appreciation for minimalist porn.

But no, the answer had nothing to do with sex, at least not in the strictest sense. Jay Williams was attempting to draw the clue "Duke Blue Devils," which is the college basketball team that HE PLAYED FOR before heading to the NBA. So maybe he was just trying to tell everyone that he got his freak on a lot as a college hoops star. Or maybe he was...I dunno. In any case, just don't put him on your invite list for game night, especially if you're the Van Houtens. While waiting to see what happens with this year's March Madness outside of the illustrated bedroom, head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what's coming to the small screen soon.

Nick Venable
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