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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy. Feel free to look away until you've caught up!

Well, friends, it was Japril time on Grey's Anatomy again tonight, and the couple took a trip that may lead to big things ahead for them. Or, it may not. Either way, Japril fans the world over got to see their favorite couple reunite for a time, as Jackson and April finally made sweet, sweet love once again during their trip to Montana. So, might this momentous event, eventually, lead to them getting back together? Here's what Sarah Drew, who portrays April, has to say about what fans can expect next for the doctoring twosome:

I think it could go in a couple different directions. It could either lead to total confusion about what their status is---they're still living together. They're still roommates and they've got this baby that they love and adore and have made together, you know? So it could either lead to confusion or it could be a solidification of their best friendship, just a reminder that they really have always been each other's person since their time over at Mercy West and it could be very platonic moving forward. Or it could be a total rekindling of their romance. And you'll just have to wait and keep watching to see what happens. But I think any of those is totally justifiable and makes total sense to me. I don't think it's a thing that happened that is never thought about again or discussed again. I think it meant something important, but what exactly that leads to, you'll just have to wait and see.

Well, dammit. That's not exactly a straight answer, is it? April and Jackson get together after she encourages him to finally confront his absentee father. He had tried once earlier in the episode, having found his father, a former hotshot surgeon, happily running a bar in the middle of nowhere, but chickened out. At April's urging, though, Jackson goes back and is able to give the man a piece of his mind, including telling him that he will have no part in his grandchild's life and that he'll never see Jackson again. I guess the release of all that life-long pent up absent-daddy-anger, and having April really stand by him for the entire episode (even when he was being kind of a dick to her) made Jackson want to release some other feelings. And, lucky for us, April was ready and willing for that event to commence.

So, according to Sarah Drew's words to E! Online, we have one of three things to look forward to. Either this epic knocking of the boots will lead to a rekindled romance for the divorced docs, they'll just become even stronger friends from it, or it'll confuse the hell out of a relationship that had stabilized. This is Grey's Anatomy, so I'm going to bet that things will get confusing for a bit before April and Jackson finally have a good conversation about what went down and make a decision about what it means for their future. You can keep up with all the new Japril twists and turns when Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC.

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