Where Grey's Anatomy Will Go After That Huge Shock, According To Sarah Drew

This article contains major spoilers from Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Proceed with caution if you haven’t caught up yet.

In 12 seasons Grey’s Anatomy has offered up more than its share of explosive (sometimes literally) drama and relationship troubles, and Thursday’s episode was no different. The special episode focused on the long and winding relationship between Jackson Avery and April Kepner. The show followed Jackson and April from when they first met all the way through their current marital dramas and led to two big shockers: April and Jackson have officially ended their marriage by signing divorce papers, and, April is pregnant again, without Jackson knowing.

Actress Sarah Drew (April) spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the episode dedicated to her character’s most important romantic relationship, and revealed some of what lies ahead for April. The big question now? Whether or not April will let Jackson in on her pregnancy now that they are divorced.

That’s something that we talk about in the next couple of episodes, for sure. The end of this episode is not the end of anything. It is the beginning of a much bigger story. We have a lot of story to tell that is all intertwined in this baby and her decision how, when and if to tell Jackson about the pregnancy, and how all of that comes to light. The next eight episodes, there’s a lot of story that happens. This is really just a jumping-off point.

Well, it should be a pretty big “jumping-off point.” April will clearly be going through a lot for a long time while she tries to keep it together at work and figure out, as Drew says, “her decision how, when and if to tell Jackson” that she’s about to make him a father.

Fans who’ve been watching April and Jackson’s love story unfold know that the couple has been through a lot of ups and downs. They started as colleagues and friends, but ultimately have sex and begin their on again/off again/on again romance. After running away together when Jackson breaks up April’s wedding with another man, they elope and April becomes pregnant, but the baby has to be delivered early and does not survive. April then leaves Jackson for two tours as an Army trauma surgeon, which strains their marriage to the eventual breaking point we see during the show.

During the EW interview, Sarah Drew emphasizes that April won’t immediately fall apart in the wake of this episode’s events.

You're going to see an April that you don't expect. She is more resilient than she's ever been…You'll see her not really falling apart so much right off the bat…She’s keeping her shit together. She's strong. She's really resilient.

Grey’s Anatomy clearly has more drama in store for the former couple; now all we have to do is wait and see how it all unfolds.

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