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For many decades, TV has been a place to watch families thrive together, whether it's fictional clans like the Bradys, metaphorical groups like sports teams or real-life families like the far-flung Kardashian bunch. Never more than a breath away from taking over headlines, the Kardashian family has been a TV staple for many years now, thanks to their dedicated E! series and its various spinoffs, and now a beyond bonkers new project is being discussed: an animated Kardashians series. Call it a Kartoon.

There's a good chance you took a step back to look at a calendar to make sure we aren't back in the 1960s and 1970s, when animation studios were constantly making cartoons out of celebrities of that and previous eras. (The Robonic Stooges, anyone?) No, this is 2017, where there is interest in bringing several Kardashians into a 2D format; at least, there's interest building up within the family itself.

According to TMZ, Kris Jenner is the brains behind this concept, and she reportedly took part in an L.A. meeting with Harvey Weinstein's production company last month. No word on what the reactions were to said pitch, but what did get stated is almost everyone would be involved with the assumedly scripted project. Not too surprising, considering Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall, Kylie and Kris often come as a package deal. Worth noting, however, is Caitlin Jenner as an exception to the "everyone's on board" rule.

Also, this wouldn't be meant for early Saturdays (which is probably good, since Saturday morning cartoon blocks are a thing of the past), but rather something aimed to the adult demographics. It's a concept sure to cause some groans, but I might actually love the idea of an animated Kardashians universe...if it were developed by the tag team of BoJack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Archer creator Adam Reed, and animated through the animation studio Radical Axis. If there was a way to turn this animated series into a bunch of social media posts, I'm sure that would work for others, too.

For a reminder of what Kim Kardashian looks like as a cartoon, just think back to her guest spot on American Dad a few years ago, where she played an alien that, naturally, turned into Kim Kardashian.

kim kardashian american dad

No telling what in the world could or will happen with an animated Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian in the future, we know for certain which new and returning TV shows are coming to your lives in the near future. You can, too, with the help of our midseason premiere schedule and our summer TV guide.

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