How Flash Co-Creator Andrew Kreisberg Feels About Fan Criticism

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One of the great advantages of the internet is that now television show creatives have an instant idea about how viewers feel about their show. Whether fans love or hate a particular episode/ storyline, producers can now adjust accordingly as new episodes are developed. But this is also a double-edged sword, because because if fans hate they are extremely vocal about it. That seems to be the case with Season 3 of The Flash, and now Andrew Kreisberg has responded to the fan criticism.

The Flash is on a break before it finishes the final run to the season finale, and Entertainment Weekly asked Andrew Kreisberg what fans can expect from the final episode of the season. Kreisberg teased that some recurring villains would be making appearances, but he also took the moment to ponder fan expectations and criticisms of television in general.

It's funny. Every year, around this time of year, I feel like there's this speculation, no matter what show it is, that we don't know what we're doing --- maybe we don't --- but there is a plan. There's always a plan on every one of these shows. We set stuff up throughout the years that's going to be paid off. Whether you enjoy it or not is something different. But we're really excited about where we're at, how these revelations are going to come [out] and how everything gets wrapped up by the end of the year.

No matter what your criticisms of The Flash may be, know that the writers definitely have a specific plan in place. Everything that's happening in Season 3 is on purpose, with the ultimate goal that it will build up to a satisfying season conclusion -- at least that's what Kreisberg assures is happening.

It's true that fans can jump the gun in their criticism before a season is even finished, but if the history of The Flash has taught anything, it's that the writers don't always learn from their mistakes. The seasons essentially has the same layout, while the characters often repeat similar arcs; Barry must get faster to stop a mysterious speedster villain, Caitlin has a doomed romance, a new Wells shows up, the group CONTINUES to keep secrets from each other. Fans can be forgiven for not believing that the writers are always addressing the show's faults.

Despite some notable bright spots (that musical episode, y'all), Season 3 completely dropped the ball on Flashpoint in favor of more melodrama that almost suffocated Arrow, but the year isn't over yet! It's entirely possible for things to pick up as Savitar's identity and endgame are finally revealed, and we'll just have to see how things turn out.

The Flash returns with new episodes on April 25, 2017.

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