Who Is Savitar? Meet The 5 Most Likely Candidates

Over the course of the last three years, Barry Allen has faced off against plenty of evil speedsters. That said, Savitar is incredibly different from all of them. Not only is The Speed God far faster than any foe Barry has gone up against in the past, but his identity has remained utterly mysterious for the entirety of the season. This was obviously a gamble from a creative standpoint, but it appears to have paid off, as The Flash's third season is currently sitting pretty with an 87% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Now we just have to find out who this guy actually is.

On that note, we have gone through the evidence to compile a list of the five most likely reveals for Savitar's identity. Take a look at our ideas, and let us know what you think is going to happen with this insanely fast speedster. There are a number of intriguing possibilities to get to, so let's kick this list off with a betrayal that few members of Team Flash would even see coming.

Tom Cavanagh As H.R. Wells In The Flash Season 3

H.R. Wells

The Flash won't win any originality points for making another Harrison Wells the villain of Season 3, but there's plenty of evidence to support the possibility that this Earth-19 businessman is the big bad of the season. For starters, H.R. and Savitar are the only two characters to call Wally "Wallace," and H.R. very clearly has a vested interest in making the young West boy a faster hero -- and his motives don't seem entirely altruistic. Beyond that, the new Wells hasn't established a proper reason for being part of the team yet; he feels superfluous, and that could mean that the show is waiting to reveal what he truly is. Who knows? Maybe drinking so much coffee has given him access to the Speed Force. After all, It worked for Fry on Futurama.

Rick Cosnett As Eddie Thawne The Flash

Eddie Thawne

It's been quite a while since we last saw Eddie Thawne play a meaningful role on The Flash. Too long, if you ask me. Trailers have hinted at Eddie returning during Barry's adventure into the Speed Force to save Wally, and it doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility for us to assume that something very drastic may have happened to him in there after his "death" in Season 1. Making Eddie Thawne into Savitar keeps the drama very personal for Barry (which has typically been the case with these speedster villains), and it logically explains why The Speed God is so intent on killing Iris to ruin Barry's life. After all, seeing Barry and Iris together probably hasn't done Eddie's sanity any favors in the long run. Jilted lover plus super speed equals supervillain. It's simple math.

keiynan lonsdale as Wally West The Flash Season 3

Wally West

It's no secret that Wally West has a rebellious streak that has continuously gotten him into trouble. This was true even before he acquired his speed. His decision to defy Barry last week ultimately saw him trapped in the Speed Force, and while we're sure he will inevitably be returned and reunited with his family in Central City, it's entirely plausible that the experience (coupled with deteriorating trust from those around him) could lead him down a villainous path. Beyond that, Savitar specifically said, "I am the future, Flash" during last week's episode. If we drop the comma from that statement, Savitar could've meant that he's a future Flash who inherited the mantle from Barry Allen -- which famously happened to Wally in the comics after Barry died during the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline.

Grant Gustin As Barry Allen The Flash Season 3

Future Barry Allen

Building off of that "I am the future Flash" theory, the show could potentially be telling us that Savitar actually is Barry Allen from the future. Thematically it makes quite a bit of sense, as Barry's ability to trust himself has become a central aspect of the show this year. His actions have directly resulted in the creation of Flashpoint (which REALLY screwed up a lot of lives), and subsequently led to The Dominators arrival on Earth during the 4-way Arrow-verse crossover. Barry has continuously acted as his own worst enemy throughout most of Season 3, so for Savitar's mask to come off and reveal an older and more grizzled version of The Scarlet Speedster would almost certainly tie into everything that we have seen leading up to now.

The Flash Season 3 Savitar

Someone Else

Of course, the final possibility that we need to acknowledge is the idea that Savitar is someone else entirely. The Flash has routinely used speedster villains that have intimate connections with the members of Team Flash, but we cannot rule out the possibility of the series flipping the script in Season 3. Looking at the source material corroborates this idea. Not much is known about Savitar's true origins in the comics, aside from the fact that he was once a Cold War-era pilot who acquired his speed in an accident, and that he really is not a member of Barry Allen's supporting cast. If the show decides to adhere close to the literary material, then it wouldn't be surprising to see Savitar's identity come from somewhere outside of Central City.

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