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Claire and Jamie are setting sail in our latest look at Season 3 of Outlander. Take a look at Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan as they set sail presumably looking for a Starbucks in the picture below!

"Is that a sail thru coffee place..." #Outlander ???? @nightmaril

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For those of you who have read Voyager, it looks like the crew is filming the final parts of the book on the Artemis. That means this shot is likely showing us Claire and Jamie on their voyage to the West Indies. That's about as far as I can go without dropping some spoilers for those who haven't read the novels, but if you've read them, you can assume why they're headed there and how it all turns out. All I will say is that you should be very excited for Season 3 of Outlander, if your interest has waned in the long wait.

It looks as if production may be close to wrapping up on Outlander. Last we heard from Sam Heughan, production was set to end in May, so let's pray the show is still on schedule. As I creep through the Outlander Instagram, it appears as though the crew is officially filming in South Africa, which should be the last bits of production in terms of filming, although we have a bit to wait before the new season premiere, as Starz has already announced the show is coming back in the fall. It isn't as hot as you would assume in South Africa, but you have to wonder if both Caitriona Balfe and Heughan are sweating a little bit under that heavy clothing.

The good news is that filming for Season 4 of Outlander is set to begin not long after filming wraps on Season 3. Hopefully, that means that fans won't be put through nearly as long of a wait as they have in the past. Most of the delays are due to the logistics of the show regarding both time travel and location changes. As you can imagine it takes a while to move an entire production from Scotland to South Africa, and I'm sure setting up and tearing down that ship is no easy task either!

Last we checked Outlander was on track to premiere Season 3 this September. Should that date be pushed back (fingers and toes crossed it doesn't), we'll be sure to keep you in the loop with our what we know guide! As always, we keep track of all shows new and old via our premiere guides. If you haven't bookmarked our midseason premiere guide or summer premiere schedule, be sure to plan your next TV experience. How else are you going to fill 5 grueling months of waiting before Outlander returns to Starz?

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