Watch SNL Vet Dana Carvey's Best Donald Trump Impression

It turns out impersonating the President of the United States isn't just something exclusive to the current entertainers on Saturday Night Live do. Comedian and SNL alum Dana Carvey was known in his post-primetime for hilarious impressions of former President George Bush Sr. and POTUS hopeful Ross Perot, just to name a few, So obviously we all want to hear if he can imitate Donald Trump right? Take a listen to his best impression below.

I'm not sure Dana Carvey has the voice down quite as good as Alec Baldwin, but he nailed just about everything else. The part that really sold it was when Carvey did the "They say..." bit, poking fun at President Trump for typically imitating something a naysayer said about him; the comedian really got that part down pat.

As someone who can't do an impression to save his life, I thought it was interesting to hear Carvey explain to Conan O'Brien on Conan how he reached his Donald Trump voice by finding a middle ground between his Regis Philbin and Marlon Brando impressions. It's really not as simple as he makes it sound -- I tried and failed, for what that's worth -- so you really have to give it up for Carvey's long-established talent and how he does these amazing voices!

Dana Carvey's meshing of two celebrity impressions to imitate a President is not exclusive to how he arrived at President Trump. When the Wayne's World vet visited the White House in 1992 to imitate then-President George H.W. Bush, he said he came up with that voice by finding a middle ground between Mr. Rogers and John Wayne. Carvey's Bush impression is far more iconic than I think his impression of our current President will be, but I would honestly like to see him give it another go in a Saturday Night Live skit. Maybe something where Baldwin's Trump goes in a time machine and finds Carvey's pre-politics Trump? I guess anything could happen, really, I just want to see a skit where our President time travels.

Will Dana Carvey continue his President Trump impression outside of Conan? I sure hope so, and we'll be letting you know should Carvey make his way to Saturday Night Live anytime soon with a Presidential parody. SNL is all new on NBC on May 6th at 11:30 p.m. ET, and live in all time zones. If you're just here for more Dana Carvey, check out one of his classic George Bush Sr. impressions on the next page. And as always, you can keep track of all returning shows and new premieres via our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule.

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