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How Big The Flash's Visual Effects Budget Is Compared To Arrow

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While based in the same universe, it doesn't take long to realize that Arrow and The Flash are two wildly different shows. Arrow is a lot darker and stunt-heavy, while The Flash embraces the meta-villains with over the top powers and super speed. As such, the budgets for both shows are different, with The Flash taking a larger chunk for its visual effects. Just how big are The Flash's visual effects costs compared to Arrow? Andrew Kreisberg gives us an idea in the quote below:

The visual effects budget of Arrow is literally a tenth [of Supergirl and The Flash], It's a lot of stunt-work. It's all practical by design.

A tenth is a pretty substantial number, but just how much is that? We don't know for sure, as the clip EW provides is just a snippet of the talk between Andrew Kreisberg and Kevin Smith featured in the upcoming DVDs for Season 2 of Supergirl and Season 3 of The Flash. Kreisberg's statement came after Smith, who has directed episodes of both Supergirl and The Flash, commented that Arrow is a show "of a different feather," in comparison. As Kreisberg states, Arrow is practical by design, and likely doesn't need the amount of money The Flash and Supergirl need to sell their respective heroes.

Andrew Kreisberg mentions that while Arrow uses far less CGI than The Flash and Supergirl, digital effects are used by the Green Arrow. Did you just assume Stephen Amell was also a master archer in addition to a champion of the salmon ladder? Those arrows are added in digitally! Taking that, and the amount of sparks and explosions you see on the average episode of Arrow, the cost of practical effects would even out right? I guess one big explosion an episode doesn't come near the costs of animating lightning every time Barry runs, or flying when Kara takes to the sky. That's just the subtle stuff you don't really pay attention to, let's not forget the spaceships, entire worlds, meta battles, and telepathic gorillas we've seen in the past year on both shows. When you think of it like that, maybe blowing up an island (which was likely CGI) isn't that costly in comparison.

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