Why Kevin Smith's Supergirl Episode Is Especially Meaningful To Him

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith directed a terrific episode of The Flash last season called "The Runaway Dinosaur," so it wasn't much of a surprise to hear that he was coming back to do an episode in Season 3. We've since learned that Smith won't just be tackling The Flash, but he'll also be directing an episode of Supergirl on the CW. Smith was a big fan of the show while it was on CBS, but getting to direct an episode is a big deal for him because of his connection to the Superman mythology.

It was announced at the Television Critics Association panel that Kevin Smith would be directing an episode of Supergirl. The writer-director recently took to his YouTube show Fatman on Batman to express his excitement, and how touched he was to be able to work on the show. Smith had nothing but praises to sing for star Melissa Benoist and the rest of the cast and creative team. In fact, he especially got choked up when Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed what the episode was titled.

Andrew Kreisberg told me that the name of the episode is 'Supergirl Lives.' I'm gonna cry talking about this. The name of the script I wrote back in 1996 was called Superman Lives. That's what they do over at that fucking Berlanti-verse. They make magic.

For those who may not know, Kevin Smith was once upon a time attached to write the script for a new Superman movie (post-George Reeves, pre-Brandon Routh) that would have starred Nicholas Cage and been directed by Tim Burton. It probably would have been a crazy movie, and the story around its rise and eventual fall was the center of the documentary The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened? This makes directing "Supergirl Lives" extra emotional for Smith, who might even get a chance to work with the show's newly introduced Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin.

I might get to play with Superman. They added Superman this year. You know how fucking mind bending this is for me? I was never gonna direct that Superman movie, but I did write it back in the day. To be able to work on the show where it's like 'Go direct Superman.' Come on, man. I owe Andrew Kreisberg the sloppiest fucking blowjob ever committed to a dick in history.

I think Andrew Kreisberg would prefer a plain old thank you, but I suppose it's the thought that counts. Not a lot of directors get the chance to work with a character as iconic as Superman, so it's easy to understand Smith's excitement. It's not guaranteed that he'll get to direct the character, but getting to direct heroes like Supergirl and Flash should be more than enough to satisfy even the nerdiest of souls.

Kevin Smith's history with Superman Lives is an extremely interesting and entertaining story. I could never tell it better than the man himself, so check out Part One of this video featuring Smith retelling his experiences with the project, and one particular producer he had to deal with.

Supergirl will return on the CW on Monday, October 10. To learn more about when other shows are coming back, check out our fall TV premiere schedule.

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