Former MTV Star Danny Dias Found Dead In Apartment

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Showbiz isn't always glitz and glamor, and the last year and a half have seen the deaths of a number of famous folks. Now, tragedy has struck the MTV family. Danny Dias of Road Rules Season 13 has passed away. He was 34 years old.

Danny Dias was discovered dead in his apartment on Monday, June 5. Police found him after a friend alerted them to the fact that something might be wrong with Dias, who was not answering his phone. TMZ reports that responders had no choice but to force their way into Dias' apartment, at which point he was found dead. No official cause of death has yet been verified, but sources claim that Danny Dias was discovered with two vertical lacerations on his forearms, and authorities are now considering his death a possible suicide.

The former MTV star was last seen alive on Saturday, June 3. Danny Dias was spending time with a friend when he took what appeared to be LSD and mushrooms. Dias then reportedly "freaked out" and fled into his bedroom. After failing to reach Dias for the rest of the weekend and into Monday, the friend called 911 for a welfare check. The time of death has not been announced, so we can't say at this point when he passed away.

Danny Dias made his MTV debut back in 2004 as one of the participants in Season 13 of Road Rules, which was officially called Road Rules: X-Treme. This season took the the ten cast members -- one of which was rather memorably a dog -- to Argentina and Chile in South America. Dias was voted out of the competition at the end of the sixth episode.

Road Rules was not the only MTV reality series that would feature Danny Dias. He also appeared in the eleventh season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge, which pitted alums from Real World and Road Rules against each other in challenges for a cash prize. Season 11 was officially called Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet 2 and ran from 2005-2006. Danny Dias was a familiar face on the MTV reality circuit for a few years, and his death will come as sad news for fans.

For a look at Danny Dias in action in his MTV days, check out footage from the Road Rules Season 13 premiere:

Our thoughts here at CinemaBlend go out to Danny Dias' friends, family, and loved ones in the wake of this tragedy.

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