CBS' The Talk Is Losing One Of Its Stars

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As one of daytime TV's most outspoken ensembles, the lovely hosts of CBS's The Talk will soon see one of their ranks saying farewell. On today's episode, longtime host Aisha Tyler announced she will soon be stepping away from The Talk's stage, because she is quite the busy woman. But it's not like she'll be gone forever, right?

As stated during her tear-filled explanation on The Talk, Aisha Tyler simply has too many TV shows on her plate right now, along with the interesting in moving toward directing feature films, so leaving The Talk at the end of this season makes the most sense for her career. Which is completely understandable, since it's the one of her four shows that can go on the easiest without her presence, considering she wasn't even there during the first year. I suppose Whose Line Is It Anyway? fits that same mold, but she's the only host there, so she's integral.

Tyler is a co-lead on Archer, though, and that's locked in for more seasons already. And she was only made a full-time regular on CBS' Criminal Minds for the most recent season, giving her another giant time-consuming effort. But in the most positive way, of course, since that's the kind of gig you don't immediately back out of. (Especially when getting fired isn't hard to do there at certain times of the year.)

Aisha Tyler showed some guts and some heart by announcing her impending exit during an actual episode of The Talk, rather than on social media or through a press release. Who better to share the news with than the women she's worked with for the past six years, as well as the fans who have tuned in every afternoon to watch her in all her fabulousness? And she got everybody pumped again by saying she'd come back every so often as a guest host, so it's less of a goodbye and more of a "Talk to you later." Just not as awfully corny.

You can watch her making the announcement in the video below. Does it surprise anyone that such a tearful bit of news was shared on an episode that had This Is Us' Mandy Moore as the guest?

Thankfully, we'll still be getting Aisha Tyler on The Talk until the end of this season, and you can watch the show every weekday afternoon on CBS at 2:00 p.m. ET. (We will forever be grateful to The Talk for Sara Gilbert's hand in putting Roseanne's revival into motion.) To see what shows you can watch this summer, such as Tyler's Whose Line is It Anyway?, head to our summer premiere schedule.

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