Watch The Awesome Batman Tribute Adam West Received In L.A.

The city of Los Angeles found a way to pay tribute to Adam West in the perfect way. The iconic superhero actor, who played Batman in the entertaining 1960's television show, passed away recently at the age of 88 after a brief battle with leukemia. Fans around the world mourned his passing, but L.A. gave everyone a chance to celebrate the life of the "Bright Knight" by lighting up a legitimate Bat-Signal, with scores of fans and special guests in attendance. You can watch the event, which was attended by some special guests in the video below.

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Last night (June 15), the city of Los Angeles honored the late Adam West by shining the iconic Bat-Signal in the sky just for him. Hundreds of people, some in costume, gathered and watched Batman's illuminated logo shine on City Hall. Running the show was Mayor Eric Garcetti, who flicked the switch himself before saying a few kind words, and the actor's wife, Marcelle West, was also there with other family members.

The most familiar face was arguably former Boy Wonder Burt Ward, who was the literal Robin to West's Batman. Ward took the stage to share some words of remembrance for his former co-star and lifelong friend, whom he believed to there in Bat-spirit. Ward said that West devoted his life to making people happier and making everyone's lives a little easier. If the large attendance is proof of anything, it's that West certainly made a positive impact. Also in attendance were Lee "Catwoman" Meriwether, Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet comic co-writer Ralph Garman, President of DC Entertainment Diane Nelson, and comic book legend Jim Lee.

Beyond the industry folks, one could find several people dressed in costumes, some as simple as a Batman T-shirts and masks, while others were in full cosplay level getups. Before the light was turned on, fans lined up to take pictures with two old school Batmobiles parked on the street. Also on display was the red phone used on the show by Commissioner Gordon to call for Batman's help. During his speech, Mayor Garcetti got the crowd to playfully sing along to the Batman theme song, a chorus of "na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na."

Though they may not have been able to make it to L.A., several actors involved with Batman projects have reached out to share their thoughts and condolences over Adam West's passing; among those were former movie Batman Val Kilmer and the current Batman Ben Affleck. Fans and friends have been sharing their Adam West stories over the last few day, reminding everyone what a joy he was, whether he was going all out on a simple line reading or prank calling people through the phone book. If you'd like to pay further respects, Adam West's family suggests paying tribute by sending a donation to the Adam West Memorial Fund for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the Camp Rainbow Gold charity for children diagnosed with cancer.

Adam West will never be forgotten for many reasons, not the least of which is his iconic light heartened take on Batman. For many years, he was THE Batman before the character's darker re-emergence in pop culture, but West left his distinct mark nonetheless. We here at CinemaBlend, send our thoughts and condolences to West's friends and family. The Bright Night will surely be missed.

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