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Will Jadis Regret Betraying Rick In The Walking Dead Season 8? Here's What The Actress Told Us

jadis and rick the walking dead

One of the biggest surprises The Walking Dead gave fans in Season 7 was the introduction of Jadis and her band of loyal Scavengers, and everything about the group's arrival and motivations were cloaked in mystery. The finale definitely shined some light on Jadis' intentions, though, as she'd teamed with Negan in double-crossing Rick, and when actress Pollyanna McIntosh recently spoke with CinemaBlend's Adam Holmes, we had to ask whether or not Jadis would be remorseful of that big betrayal. In her words:

No, she has no time for regrets. That's a waste. She doesn't waste anything.

Jadis is a woman of few and insincere words, but thankfully actress Pollyanna McIntosh was a bit more honest with her thoughts when talking to CinemaBlend at this past weekend's Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in Portland. From a character perspective, it's a pretty brilliant answer, considering the Scavengers' entire existence is partially predicated on their concept of acquiring resources in a manner as untethered and emotion-free as humanly possible. It's clear their unwasted time out in the wild hasn't given them any adversaries with a survival instinct quite as charmed as Rick Grimes', but Jadis' choices as a morally lucid leader have taken her this far, and it apparently wasn't a path carved out by repentance.

One might have expected Jadis to have second thoughts about retaining Team Family's ire, since they managed to successfully defend Alexandria from both Negan's Saviors and Jadis' Scavengers, all while dealing with the newfound grief of Sasha's post-mortem turn. One wouldn't have blamed the show's first female antagonist for being hesitant about about dicking Rick over again, especially after seeing Shiva and her bag of throat-ripping tricks. But it'll take more than a post-apocalyptic suburb and a former zoo inhabitant to get Jadis to back down.

Some fans are carefully watching The Walking Dead to see if the Scavengers will eventually take the form of The Whisperers from the comic books, and that villainous introduction almost definitely wouldn't begin with Jadis sincerely heading back to Rick on her knees and begging for his forgiveness. Of course, this doesn't exclude the possibility that Jadis will feign regret in order to betray Rick's confidence a second time, since she has some experience with his gullibility. He probably wouldn't fall for it again, but stranger things have happened with his trust.

Whichever way it goes, we know it'll probably be pretty big, since Pollyanna McIntosh was recently promoted to series regular. We'll have to wait quite a few more months to see what's happening what happens to Jadis and her crew, as The Walking Dead won't be back on AMC for Season 8 until this fall, likely in October. Of course, you can read more about the season while waiting, and if you're in need of a few new shows to catch up with in the meantime, head to our summer TV schedule.

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