Somehow, it feels like Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan just showed up on The Walking Dead to make life as miserable as possible for Rick and the rest of the non-Savior survivors. (Which is a group Eugene is still no longer a part of, apparently.) But no, the entirety of Season 7 is but a thing of the past, and our focus has now turned to the show's future and how topsy-turvy the action of the All Out War will get in Season 8.

And so here we are, at the top of our comprehensive guide for everything that'll be happening in The Walking Dead universe during Season 8, and we'll be focused on everything from story elements to casting reveals to first looks. Put your best "get revenge on Negan" face on and don't forget to bookmark the page so you can check back for more updates. If it wasn't already obvious, spoilers for Season 7 are all over the place, as are some spoilers for the corresponding comic book arcs, so be warned.

When Will The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere?

AMC will unleash its undead beasts when The Walking Dead Season 8 makes its grand debut on Sunday, October 22, at 9:00 p.m. ET. It'll be something of an extended episode, as the episode itself is around 47 minutes, making the actual airtime last for an hour and seven minutes. The premiere will, of course, be followed by the season premiere of Chris Hardwick's Talking Dead.

What Have We Seen From The Walking Dead Season 8?

With the Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead right around the corner, the show has gotten pretty gung ho about releasing new clips and new footage, although a lot of it comes from the very first trailer that got released back at San Diego Comic-Con. You can watch that trailer below.

Since that trailer was released, AMC has put out a handful of other and less involved previews, and most of which recycle visuals and voiceover from that first big preview. There are a few new moments in other trailers, of course, but nothing that got fans' blood pumping quite like that one. Although I have to say that this year's bath of reused clips still come across better than they did last year, when the show was still trying to keep a tight lid on who Negan killed, which meant they could only show moments from Negan's still-going intro, and other characters that weren't in his lineup.

For those who need more footage in their lives, you can watch Maggie's heroic arc get teased in the video below, which will likely make everyone curious as to how Glenn will get brought up in Season 8.

Now we can't wait to see more trailers featuring footage from episodes beyond the season premiere.

What Will The Walking Dead Season 8 Be About?

It took the majority of Season 7, but The Walking Dead finally reached one of the source material's biggest arcs: the All Out War between Rick and Negan. Though the build-up was handled slightly differently for live-action, with Sasha's big sacrifice flipping things around for the inciting factor, the story is still set for Season 8 to showcase the bulk of the big battles between The Saviors and all the other communities. We have tons of questions about what will happen when the show returns, and there have thankfully been some hints as to what we can expect.

For one, executive producer and finale director Greg Nicotero says that Season 8's storyline launches off from a big moment within Season 7's capper: when Rick and Negan are staring each other down before Shiva arrived, in a way that was completely opposite from how they faced each other in the season premiere. Rick is no longer afraid of Negan and his showboating evil, and he's gathered all the troops he believes is necessary in order to turn the tides in an action-packed way. That plays into what Scott Gimple has stated about the way Season 8 will change things up completely from Season 7, with the impending war making episodes a lot "more kinetic and fast-moving," with a larger focus on bringing the characters together more, as opposed to separating everyone, as it went with Season 7's standalone entries.

We'll get to see Morgan reverting back to his more murder-friendly days. We'll see Daryl on a mission for revenge. We'll see Carol step back into the fold while returning to her more badass days. And all in all, a lot more militia-based action will get the focus in Season 8's premiere, titled "Mercy."

We're not necessarily sure if the All Out War will last for the entire season, or if The Walking Dead will handle things in a way that allows the last episode or two to close the battle-heavy story out. And considering the Old Rick flash-forward we saw in the pilot, there are definitely going to be fans waiting to see if that's indicative of a legitimate future for Team Family, or if it will just be a dream sequence of some kind. (You know, since Rick lies to have optimistic daydreams and all.) But at least we don't have to worry about it all being a big coma fantasy.

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