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This Is Us Will Make One Family Bigger In Season 2

Randall And Beth This Is Us Season 1 NBC

As This Is Us fans continue to obsess about Jack's death and whether it will be a part of Season 2, a new detail has been revealed regarding one family growing bigger. Remember Randall telling Beth he wanted to adopt? A new spoiler for Season 2 says the Pearson family will grow one member stronger come this fall, as a new kid is added to the fold. Here's what we know about the newest addition to the family.

According to TVLine, Randall and his family will be bringing in a "tweenage," girl from Newark with trust issues. The term tweenage usually refers to a pre-teen or young teen, which could range anywhere from 11-15, which either puts her around the same age, or older than Randall's oldest daughter. Beyond that, not much is known about this potential new member to the family, or who has been tapped to join the family in This Is Us.

The decision, at it's roots, appears that Randall will be attempting to recreate the same "Big three," scenario that he shared with Kate and Kevin growing up. Obviously with the children more grown than the first Pearson siblings when they were first put together, the dynamic is bound to be a little different. And Sterling K. Brown has hinted to other outlets that this storyline will be a big part Randall's story in Season 2. This Is Us has already shown us the tension having a blended family caused between Kevin and Randall growing up, so look for more of that to happen amongst the siblings as they get used to having a new kid in the household.

The Season 2 tease further adds to the previous information fans have learned as to what This Is Us will be tackling when it returns this fall. Prior to this new information, fans also learned that two smaller characters in Season 1, Miguel and Sophie, will have a much larger presence in this season than they did in Season 1. With Jack and Rebecca split up, we can speculate that the flashbacks will deal more with the two's relationship and how Miguel plays into the picture, while the present day allows for the blended family dynamic and storylines to continue. Ultimately, it sounds like Season 2 will be just as much of an emotional rollercoaster as Season 1.

Prepare the tissues and set the calendars as This Is Us returns for Season 2 Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. Fans avid for more on the show should check out Chrissy Metz talking about her weight, or how Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia were honored by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Anyone curious as to what other top quality shows are premiering right now should visit our summer premiere guide.

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