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That Jersey Shore Reunion Is Happening On A Completely Different Channel Than MTV

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The cabs are here, but apparently, the Jersey Shore cast isn't rolling out to MTV for their big reunion. In fact, this big get together is happening on an entirely different channel. The stars of the show, who recently appeared in a Burger King ad, will hop onto E! for a docu-series that follows the lives of former reality show stars. Here's what we know about this new potential project, and how the Jersey Shore cast fits into it.

THR reports the project, titled Reunion Road Trip, will follow the aforementioned reality show stars on a road trip as they visit some of the locales from their show and relive memories of the past. The episode will feature television's greatest reality stars catching up with their old friends, talking about any controversy that they've experience since the show ended, and sharing some additional details of what was going on behind the scenes when they were shooting the show. The pilot features the cast of Jersey Shore, and if the project is successful, producers have plans to reach out to other iconic reality shows in an attempt to reunite their casts.

The news is likely a shot to the gut for MTV, who has been trying to pull in the demographic of Jersey Shore's peak era by revitalizing shows like Fear Factor and Nick Cannon's Wild N Out. Now that news of this project is officially out in the open, it will be interesting to see if MTV uses this as an opportunity to bring the Jersey Shore cast back home for a series of their own, or perhaps work to snipe out other stars of their former shows before E! can get to them for Reunion Road Trip provided the pilot is a hit. With the cast willing to reconvene all for the love of a Burger King ad, it sounds like they're more than willing to step into the spotlight again should more opportunities come their way.

The latest news of the reunion, while revealing, still has told us nothing regarding the status of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, who was notably absent from the latest collaboration. With this reunion potentially being his "one shot," at reuniting with the crew, it would be great to know if he is along for the ride or not. Ortiz-Magro also wasn't spotted in the Instagram or Snapchat photos of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, who first started the rumors of a reunion with her posts. Magro recently appeared on the E! series Famously Single, so all hope is not lost that he's was involved in the pilot. Let's hope the muscle bound Jersey native is along for the ride if only to hear Sammi scream "Stahhhhhp," at him for old times sake.

No release date as of yet has been tacked down for the pilot of Reunion Road Trip, but once that date drops expect to find it on one of our helpful guides. Speaking of which, those interested in the latest in greatest summer programming should visit our summer premiere guide. Those wanting more Jersey Shore news might be interested to read about what Snooki misses about the show the most.

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