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It's a good time to be a fan of HBO's Game of Thrones. Season 7 debuted last Sunday, and we're in for a hell of a lot of action if the rest of the season is as intense as the premiere. The episode set the stage for many characters to get moving toward and against each other. Now, we have an idea of what's going to happen in the next couple of weeks, and fans everywhere should be excited. A new trailer for the second and third episodes of Season 7 debuted at San Diego Comic-Con. Here's what we learned from it.

Cersei is focused on Dany. In the Season 7 premiere, Cersei was quite aware that she has enemies on all sides, and Jaime didn't hesitate to point out that she only holds about three of the Seven Kingdoms. The trailer indicates that Cersei will be targeting Dany before she bothers with the North, which is probably for the best. Winter has come, and a southern invasion of the North is almost certainly doomed to fail.

Jon is focused on Dany as well, although not necessarily because he wants to defeat her before she destroys the Seven Kingdoms. Dragon fire is one of the few ways guaranteed to take down the White Walkers, and Dany has three very large and very powerful dragons at her disposal. If he can make an alliance on behalf of the North, she could be a huge asset.

Unfortunately, an alliance might not be popular on both sides. Jon has been crowned king, and Dany intends to seize the Seven Kingdoms, not Six Kingdoms that share a border with the North. The trailer also makes it clear that the North remembers what life was like under Targaryen rule. It wasn't so long ago that Ned's father and brother rode south and were murdered by the Mad King, and the prevailing opinion is still that Rhaegar kidnapped and raped Lyanna Stark. The North remembers, and Northerners don't like the Targaryens.

We can bet that the folks in Lannisport won't like the Targaryens either, as the new footage clearly shows Dany's Unsullied invading the Lannister ancestral home of Casterly Rock. If Dany takes Casterly Rock (presumably with the help of Tyrion), Cersei's position will be weaker than ever before, and it could be the very thing that results in Euron Greyjoy being welcomed to King's Landing.

That said, he won't be welcomed with open arms by everybody. The trailer shows Jaime and Cersei hooking up yet again, which could be one last go before Cersei marries Euron or simply the twins feeling amorous again. Who knows? Maybe Cersei is desperate to keep Jaime on her side, and this is the one way she's always been able to control him.

Cersei and Jaime won't be the only ones hooking up. Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand seem to be getting cozy as well, which both makes sense for their sexualities and lacks incest, so good for them! Littlefinger still has his eye on Sansa, and he's scheming away, which could result in a dangerous rift between Sansa and Jon.

Ser Jorah is back in the flesh, which could mean that a greyscale plague truly is on the way for the citizens of Westeros. It will likely depend on whether or not he remains stuck in a cell at the Citadel; now that Dany has landed on Dragonstone, I won't be surprised if he does whatever it takes to make his way back to her.

Finally -- and perhaps most significantly -- we have Melisandre informing Dany that she has a role to play, presumably in the Great War against the White Walkers, but that's not all she has to say. According to Melisandre, there's somebody else who will have a key role in the upcoming conflict. Assuming that she's referring to Jon Snow, we may have the makings of the "song of ice and fire" getting into gear. You can check out the full trailer here:

It's a good thing Season 7 has already begun, because I think we'd all have a hard time waiting now that this trailer footage has been released. The conflicts that have been brewing for the past six years are finally going to get into gear, and we'll see key protagonists come together for the very first time. There will be battles and dragons and politics aplenty, and the fact that Season 7 is shorter than usual hopefully means that the action will move at a quick pace with no filler.

New episodes of Game of Thrones air on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. If you missed the premiere, our breakdown of the biggest moments (and their significance) can catch you up. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in San Diego Comic-Con coverage.

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