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Samuel L. Jackson Is Getting His First TV Show, And Yes It Sounds Badass

Samuel L. Jackson

You're more than likely very familiar with the work of Samuel L. Jackson, a mega movie star who seemingly appears in no less than 10 films a year. The actor has an extremely impressive career in films ranging from Pulp Fiction to Kingsman: The Secret Service to The Hateful Eight, and he is the MCU's Nick Fury. Like many movie stars nowadays, though, Jackson is ready to make the jump to TV, and he'll be headlining his own show for the very first time with a project called Old Man. Don't worry, it's a lot cooler than the title implies.

Old Man is an adaptation of a novel -- one titled The Old Man, because big differences -- written by crime-thriller author Thomas Perry. Samuel L. Jackson will play the lead in the project, in what will be his first major TV role, and his Dan Chase is a seemingly normal Vermont retiree, though he's hiding a dark past. Chase used to be a young hotshot in army intelligence before a botched mission in Libya forced him to go on the run 35 years ago. And just when he thought he was finally safe, his past catches up with him. But that past better watch out, now.

The TV adaptation comes from Jonathan E. Steinberg, co-creator of Black Sails, and Warren Littlefield, executive producer on Fargo and Handmaid's Tale. Littlefield has emerged as a breakout producer this year, with both of the aforementioned earning a combined 29 Primetime Emmy nominations earlier this month. The Old Man hit shelves in January, and Littlefield managed to acquire the rights, get Steinberg on board and then the two pitched the project to Samuel L. Jackson.

Per Deadline, Old Man is getting shopped around various basic and paid cable networks and streaming platforms, and there's no word yet on how long the hopeful series will be or where it'll premiere. Word on the street/Internet is that the drama has been brought to networks and streaming services such as FX, TNT, HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, with multiple offers on the table. If the project lands at a channel where Samuel L. Jackson can't say the F-word at least once an episode, then this will officially be a waste of our time. (Not really, but...) Jackson is a busy man and the source material is only one book, so the chances seem good that this will be a limited series.

You can next see Samuel L. Jackson this summer on the big screen in The Hitman's Bodyguard, dropping on August 18, 2017. For more updates on Old Man, be sure to keep checking in with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated with new information as soon as it becomes available. For all the shows hitting this summer, take a peep at out our summer TV premiere guide.

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