The Strain Made The First Big Move In The Battle Of Good And Evil

The Strain Palmer hiding in the darkness

Warning: Spoilers for this week's episode of The Strain are in play. If you're trying to avoid being spoiled, come back after you're current

Last week on The Strain, there were some bold moves made by both the heroes and villains central to the long game known as survival, which only made this week's episode all the more active, as humanity made the first major advance against all Strigoi kind. Two contrasting things happened as a result of this bold move: humans got a momentary win, while Eichorst and The Master experienced a renewed drive towards destruction.

Eph and his revolutionary cohorts in Philadelphia were responsible for the big move that helped humanity, albeit in the short term. Over 2,000 Strigoi were killed, thanks to Eph's bright idea of mixing rat poison in with a tanker full of blood. It was a crafty solution to a more immediate problem, and it was powerful enough to send shockwaves back to New York. Upon hearing about the poisoning of the Philly Strigoi, Herr Eichorst was convinced either Setrakian or one of his associates was responsible. With this in mind, the big villains are set to resume the hunt for the intrepid vampire hunters of The Strain, who look like they're about to do some hunting themselves.

In a transportation center linked to The Partnership's operations, there was a wall chart of various zones that the Philadelphia Strigoi are operating in. Notations on that chart listed "units" being shipped between these locations. The team was left to stew over what these units could be, but it seems pretty clear that there's only one answer for what's being transported: humans. Now, we're not sure whether they're the B+ humans, like Dutch, that the Strigoi absolutely love to drink from, but seeing as a tanker could hold many hundreds of units of blood in them, it's reasonable to assume that people are being transported for the means of blood production.

Of course, we could totally be wrong, and that's kind of what's so wonderful about this last season of The Strain. With nuclear warheads, revolutionary destruction, and the development of a maturing Zach Goodweather, there's a lot of caution being thrown to the fallout-laden wind. Now that Fet and Quinlan finally found a nuclear warhead, things are obviously going to only get more amped up. With only seven episodes left of the entire series' run, a lot will be happening in the coming weeks in order to close the book as effectively as possible.

For this week, the book is closed, but The Strain will returns next Sunday night with an all new chapter at 10 p.m. ET on FX. To see when other new and returning series are premiering in the coming weeks, check out our summer premiere schedule.

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