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Criminal Minds Season 13 Is Bringing Back One Of Its Craziest Killers

jamie kennedy's cannibal on criminal minds

Criminal Minds went in some very different directions in Season 12 than it had in past years, imbuing the narrative with more serialized storytelling as the year went on, and by the time the finale ended, both the storyline and several different characters' chances of survival were all up in the air. But one familiar face fans can expect to see in Season 13 belongs to actor Jamie Kennedy, who is returning to reprise his role of the cannibalistic serial killer Floyd Feylinn Ferell, who last appeared in Season 3.

A guest role that certainly has more bite than others in the Criminal Minds universe, Floyd Feylinn Ferell will return to the BAU's mindsets in the sixth episode of Season 13, as revealed to TVLine by showrunner Erica Messer. It's not immediately clear how his story will get opened back up a decade later, but Messer teases that his presence will play pretty heavily into other characters' stories and emotions.

It's going to be so much fun, It's going to dredge up a lot of reminders for the team and the struggles that people had with faith in that episode. . . . [Garcia is] going to deal with a reminder of that time in her life.

Fans will probably recall the unique mental state that Floyd was in for the Season 3 episode "Lucky," as he'd initially thought himself to be possessed by a flesh-eating demon. As a child, he was committed to mental hospital after taking a bite out of his older sister, but released back into the world at age 18, at which point he opened up a BBQ restaurant and continued to sate his unique hunger for a while, until his murders are discovered by the BAU, that is. Understandably, Floyd wasn't the easiest criminal for the BAU agents to share mental space with, so having him appear again presumably won't be the most rewarding situation.

As Erica Messer mentioned, that episode was also the one where Penelope Garcia was shot, and though Floyd wasn't the person to do it -- she was the victim of a serial killer who'd been tracking her down -- it's easy to imagine she'll deal with some emotional trauma upon Floyd's re-arrival.

Season 13 of Criminal Minds will feature a couple of casting shake-ups to go along with Floyd's reappearance. We'll get to see Daniel Henney reprise his Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders role of Special Agent Matt Simmons, while Season 12 first-timer Damon Gupta was let go during the summer hiatus. And we're all hoping to see Shemar Moore return as often as he can, even though he's got his own new show hitting primetime soon.

While we won't get to see Jamie Kennedy picking people out of her teeth until Episode 6, Season 13 will drop its cliffhanger-answering premiere on Wednesday, September 27, at 10:00 p.m. ET. To see when everything else is coming to the small screen soon, check out our summer premiere schedule and our fall TV schedule.

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