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Anything can happen on live TV, whether on a news broadcast or an awards show. There's no accounting for every single variable in a given situation, and sometimes things just don't go according to plan on live television. British newscaster Alastair Stewart recently had a live television mishap of his own, when a positively adorable toddler stole the show from him during a broadcast about a very serious subject. Take a look!

Alastair Stewart may have brought the Wronka family on the air to discuss milk allergies, but young Iris stole the show from her mom and brother from the very beginning. She wandered around the set, looking positively precious as Stewart tried to ask Lucy Wronka questions about raising children with milk allergies. While Lucy managed to stay focused and on topic, young George was clearly a little distracted by his sister's exploits, which certainly looked like more fun than sitting still and talking about all the foods he's not allowed to eat. Honestly, George deserves a prize just for sitting mostly still.

It's hard to pick the cutest moment from Iris Wronka's ITV takeover. Her determination to climb up on the desk was pretty great, and her wandering around the studio while everybody else chats is definitely fun. Still, I have to go with the moment Iris discovered the camera and clearly started jumping up and down to try and get a better look at the lens. She never makes it all the way up, but we can appreciate the effort.

All things considered, the broadcast could have gone much worse for everybody involved. Admittedly, Iris' antics did distract from the report on milk allergies that brought her family to the studio. That said, she could have been throwing a tantrum or wreaking toddler havoc across the set. Her wanderings in her little flowery dress were harmlessly adorable. In fact, Iris may have done more to increase awareness about milk allergies than her mom's appearance on ITV ever would have. A British newscast likely wouldn't be a big YouTube hit on its own. Thrown in a cute child taking over a live broadcast, and the clip might well be seen all over the world.

Other reporters have had much worse luck than Alastair Stewart in their live broadcasts. One man in Fremont, California was very nearly hit by a car when he was in the field for a report, and it was thanks to his cameraman that he emerged from the incident unscathed. Another news personality was less lucky when he was stabbed on live TV. Other reports have even been robbed on camera. They would probably all have preferred a toddler's shenanigans over what they experienced for the sake of the small screen.

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